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When you start competing in open events there are all sorts of achievement possibilities available to you – apart from winning that is!

Scottish Records - How to Claim

Scottish Archery keep records of the highest scores claimed in all the disciplines by gender, bow-type and age categories.  That's a lot of records!

View Current Scottish Records

When you shoot a new record, you can claim it using our on line form:

Records Claim Form

You may also be able to claim at the event if the tournament organiser has a claim form available.

Scottish Target Rankings


Indoor Rankings - 2019 / 2020 


Indoor Rankings - 2018 / 2019 

Outdoor Rankings - 2019


Outdoor Rankings - 2017 / 2018

Indoor Rankings - 2017 / 2018



Senior Outdoor Rankings - 2017 

Junior Outdoor Rankings - 2017

Indoor Rankings - 2016 / 2017



Senior Outdoor Rankings - 2016

Junior Outdoor Rankings - 2016


Ranking Criteria

Ranking Criteria for Outdoors

Ranking criteria for Indoors - updated 17th September 2018

Annual Classification Award Scheme


Please note that selection criteria are published separately from the rankings criteria and may include round types that are not included currently in the rankings, i.e. 720 round scores, and can be found on the performance page.

Performance Page

About the Rankings

Scottish Archery keep target archery rankings for all archers who compete in open competitions.  We keep separate outdoor rankings for senior and junior target and combined rankings for indoor.

Scores from competitions that are Scottish Record Status (SRS) and above are included in the rankings.  If you shoot scores outwith Scotland that you wish to include then you need to send them to the scores collator.

Each year we publish the ranking criteria that tells you what rounds are being included in the rankings and also the deadlines for receipt of scores and who to send scores to when you haven't shot them in Scotland.


Rankings Archive

From 2000, outdoor rankings have been compiled using an Excel database.  Prior to that only scores 1000+ on a 1440 round or a converted imperial round counted for rankings and only the Top 10 recurve archers' names were published in the Annual SAA Book.

So here we have outdoor senior rankings from 2000, and junior from 2009.  Indoor rankings start from the 2005-06 season.

Senior Outdoor

Senior Outdoor Rankings - 2010-2015

Senior Outdoor Rankings - 2006-2010

Senior Outdoor Rankings - 2000-2005

Junior Outdoor

Junior Outdoor Rankings - 2009-2015


Indoor Rankings - 2015-16

Indoor Rankings - 2014-15


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