Progress & Improve

Clubs and coaches can use a number of coaching schemes and award badges to help make developing your archery skills fun and rewarding whatever your ambition.

They start from ones tailored for beginners and young archers through to badges for club archers to earn as they progress, and Archery GB have a classification scheme that allows you to rate your progression from scores shot at your club or in open events.

Coaching & Workshops


Workshops are a great way to progress.  They are open to all and provide club archers with access to a variety of coaches and our top experienced archers.  There is bound to be someone who can help you with equipment and form queries. 

From coaching help, equipment tuning and set up and help and advice on any archery matter.


You don't have to wait for a workshop - if you need some coaching or advice that you can't get at your club you can contact the Director of Coaching - Email: - for an informal discussion.

Archery GB boost archery logo

Boost Archery

Boost Archery helps clubs deliver a series of coaching sessions for improvers, from new members to archers who simply want some more help to progress.  Clubs can create a program to suit the archers in their club and Scottish Archery have a model program.

This is a new scheme and we'll be publishing guidance and details soon for archers and coaches.

Classification Awards

Archery GB publish classification tables for all rounds and scores and for every gender/age group/bowtype in target and field.  Northern Counties provide for clout. Your club's records officer will normally look after club members' classification up to Bowman level.

Gaining a classification requires three scores, shot within a calendar year, at or above the required level. Competitions may request you give your classification so you can compete against archers of the same standard rather than competing against the whole field.

You can hold different classifications for different bow types, but you can only hold your classification for the calendar year in which you shot your qualifying scores. You must re-qualify each year to maintain it.

  • Indoors the classifications run from E at the bottom to A at the top.
  • Outdoors you can claim 3rd, 2nd 1st, or Bowman classification by shooting at club target days.
  • Master Bowmen (MB), Grand Master Bowmen (GMB) and Junior Master Bowman (JMB) must be claimed from Archery GB for field and target; and from NCAS for clout. You must shoot for these higher levels at UK or above record status competitions.

Target Archers who gain and register for MB or above will be invited to either the Junior or Senior UK Masters national events.

If you wish to look up what score levels you need to attain to reach these level all the details are in the Archery GB Standard Operating Procedures (SAPs).

Archery GB SAPs

Archery GB Progress Award badges

Archery GB Progress Awards

Score level based badges provide beginners and younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills.  The junior age groups are aligned with educational key stages. The awards are based on score attainment at either indoor distances or outdoor distances suitable for your age group. 

The scheme is open to all archers and is operated by archery clubs or by schools, youth groups and similar who practice target archery.  There is no requirement for recipients to be a member of Archery GB.

More information for clubs including registration forms and the distance charts can be found at the Archery GB website. The contact is Email:

World Archery Feather & Arrow Awards

The two World Archery beginner award schemes are a fun way for beginners to be recognised for their progress in skill development, knowledge and archery scores.

Feather Awards - The Red and Gold feather awards are designed for beginners under 12 years old and young and special needs beginners.  It is up to your coach to decide when you are ready for this award.

Arrow Awards - These awards run from White to Gold and are for beginners over the age of 12.  Different coloured awards are available depending on the distance to be shot over and the knowledge obtained.

World Archery Beginners Manual

Clubs can obtain the badges from Sue Williamson  Email:

Lethan Indoor Score Badge Scheme

Clubs can run any or all of several schemes that are available or even make up their own - quite a few clubs have.

Lethan Archers in the Northern Area have their own badge scheme with five badge grades each for the WA18m and, for those looking for more of a challenge, the WA25m.  The club does give their junior archers a bit more of a chance and lets them do their score on bigger faces depending on their age and experience.

Each badge has the score achieved and a colour.  A score over 200 but under 300 would get you the white 200 badge, 300-399 the black 300 badge, 400-499 the blue 400 badge, 500-549 the red 500 badge and 550+ the yellow 550 badge.


Lethan Indoor Score Badge Scheme

252 & 300 Distance Badges

Clubs can operate these badge schemes and can buy in generic badges or get their own made with the club name and logo.  It's a fun way to be encouraged to obtain a level of skill at an outdoor distance before moving up to the next one.

The 252 awards are usually for yards and use the imperial scoring system.

The 300 awards are used for the metric distances and scoring system.

The rules can vary from club to club and scores given here are for recurve bows; compound scores will be higher and longbow lower!


Handicap Improvement Medal

The Handicap Improvement Medal may be awarded by a club to the member that achieves the greatest handicap improvement outdoors in a calendar year.

This is a very long established award and still features the Grand National Archery Society logo and is supplied to each club by Archery GB.

Archers are required to shoot at least 8 outdoor rounds over a calendar year at club target days or open competition and your club's records officer will work out who in the club has improved their handicap rating the most.  It is expected that the awarded archer should wear the medal at all club target days at which they are present.

The Archery GB Handicap Regulations and tables must be used for calculating all handicaps in connection with the award of these medals.

An Archery GB Six Gold End badge

Six or Three Gold End Badges

Attained at either of the two longest distances of a Metric or Imperial round for your age group at a Tournament or at a Club Target Day. You can claim a Six Gold End in each of Recurve and Compound and a Three Gold End for Longbow. Juniors can only claim this badge once in each discipline they shoot and not in each age group.

Your claim must be submitted to AGB on an appropriate form and ratified by the Tournament Organiser so you should call a judge over to witness your arrows and to initial your score for that end. If attained at a Club Target day, the Club Secretary must sign the claim form.

You can also claim a badge for a Six Clout End shot in a clout shoot  (in the 5 scoring ring) at any distance appropriate to your age or gender in a Imperial Clout Round (either one-way or two-way).  Again your achievement must be ratified before any arrows are pulled from the ground.


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