Statement from Vincent Bryson, Scottish Archery Chair

Good evening everyone, I wanted to make a short statement regarding some of the performance announcements we have made over the last few days.


I would like to apologise for how some of the changes to our Performance Programme have been communicated. With the benefit of hindsight, its clear a different approach would have made members feel more engaged and more valued and therefore you have my sincerest apologies. 


The performance team of staff and volunteers have worked diligently for the last number of months to develop the “What It Takes to Win” model (available here) and build the Pathway Squad. They have also been working with the judging workforce the tournament organisers to build fit-for-purpose competitions for everyone to enjoy regardless of their desired level of shooting.


We are delighted to be offering a trip to Iceland, the details of which are available online and there will be other opportunities available to send archers and coaches away as a team to increase their Performance Capability, which will be advertised when they are available. We are also introducing funding opportunities for archers who perform well at National events. This does mean that our focus has shifted away from sending a team to the Home Nationals match, with our eyes on developing archers in a more productive way. 


I’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who has commented on this thread and made both feelings known and constructive suggestions and I apologise for the lack of clarity around which events we will be sending a Scotland team to represent at.


I realise that not sending a team to the Home Nations is disappointing for those that were hoping to make the team, but by redeploying our resource to focus on improving our archers, we can achieve more wins in the future at a higher level. 


Details of our Performance Programme are available on the website and the performance page also has a copy of the WITTW model and other critical performance documents highlighting the High Performance behaviours we will need for our archers to compete on the world stage.


As ever, you can contact Pip directly on Performance@scottisharchery.org.uk and also contact me directly on Chair@scottisharchery.org.uk - I would enjoy hearing peoples opinions in a discursive manner as I am sure there are many archers aspiring to compete internationally and it’s always inspiring to hear from those making the sacrifices and commitments necessary to reach the top of the sport.


Thanks as ever

Vincent Bryson


Scottish Archery


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