Statement on Scottish Indoors

Hi everyone and thanks for your comments on the upcoming indoor championships, it’s great to be having an event this year and we are extremely grateful to our Tournament Organiser Committee for working so hard to make it happen.

For the 2022 version of the indoor championship, our TOs and the event organisers chose to launch the event in a truly "Open" manner with the top score for adult and junior bow-type the deciding factor in the event. This is an innovative move and therefore declaring "mens" or "womens" entry on signup wasn’t required.

There are rightly some questions around sporting impact and records. Whilst we haven’t offered any events in this manner before we cannot be sure of any sporting impact, however the impact regarding records is zero. Should there be a record obtained at the event it will be logged as all entries require an AGB number and this will be added to the register of records in your name.

Whilst this competition is "open" we are also conscious this is new, and we are keen to hear feedback on your event experience. We have made no commitment on changing the status of any other championships or events to match this one and therefore member experience is important and we are keen for everyone to share this post-event.

Scottish Archery will offer a questionnaire to all entrants after the event as we are keen for quality of events to grow along with member experience. It would be great to hear how you felt the event went.

There is a meeting of our TOs group this week and I would be happy to invite any interested member to meet this coming Thursday at 6pm. If you are available it would be good to see you.


Vincent Bryson


To sign up for the online meeting on Thursday please complete the form here


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