Sportsaid Grant Application

Archers are invited to submit an application to Scottish archery to be considered for a Sportsaid grant for the coming year.  These grants are award by Sportsaid Scotland and are available to archers aged 12-22 years able bodied and up to age 45 years disabled (age on 1st December 2016).  Grants are typically awarded to archers who are top of their age group in Scotland, compete in national (Scottish) junior teams with the potential to make senior Scottish teams and who have the drive and ability to potentially make international (GB) teams.  Scottish archery can nominate a maximum number of 6 archers in total for awards this year.


If you wish to be considered for a Sportsaid grant, please complete the application form and send it to saa.performancedirector@gmail.com by 19th November (able bodied applications) or 9th November (disabled applications).  Scottish archery will then review the applications and put forward the best 6 applications to the Sportsaid panel.  Grants are awarded around March 2017.


Application Form


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