New procedure for Archery Range Registration and Assessment

A new national system for archery range registration and assessment will be introduced in April, 2017 and all clubs will be affected.
Until now, clubs have registered their facilities centrally with Archery GB and have utilised judges to assess their ground if they required any dispensation. However, the Judges Committee has announced that judges will no longer be able to carry out this service. Which has prompted a review of how archery ranges are registered and assessed around the country.
Archery GB need better facility data to:

  • Help clubs and counties plan their activities
  • Service our insurance provider better
  • Assess the needs and demands for the sport
  • Access external funding for facility work
  • Help the public find the right club and shooting range for them
  • Improve our internal processes and procedures
  • Answer queries related to planning issues

So from the 1 April, 2017 every Archery GB club will be required to register their shooting ranges (outdoor and indoor) detailing;

  • Location
  • Shooting capacity
  • Access arrangements
  • Rules of Shooting compliance

In addition clubs will be asked to complete a short survey on their facilities to enable AGB to build a picture of the number of clubs that meet the minimum standard of the facility strategy, along with building an accurate database of archery facilities in Great Britain.
This will be a relatively short process where clubs will self-certify in the first instance, it will be mandatory to register all shooting ranges and Archery GB will log and process all registrations centrally. Registration will be required every three years and clubs will only be able to do this online.
Any club with a query or which requires a dispensation will be able to request a site visit from Archery GB and an assessor will be arranged to inspect the ground. Any club that requires an assessor will be required to pay a flat rate fee, plus travel expenses to cover the cost of the visit. The process begins on 1 April but clubs will have six months to register their ranges. Any club that does not will be sent one reminder. Failure to register after that will mean that the ground is not registered with the insurer and shooting by Archery GB members will be compromised.
If you have any further questions please call 01952 677 888 or visit www.archerygb.org/facilities


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