En Bloc Junior and Disabled Clubs

By now your Club Secretary should have received notification from Archery GB that their intention is to centrally amalgamate En Bloc Junior and Disabled Clubs where these are linked to a senior club.  Such clubs do have the option of remaining as separate clubs – but Archery GB must be advised that this is what you wish to do by 31st May.

As you are aware Archery GB are removing En Bloc fees for Junior and Disability clubs for the new membership year.

Your Board of Scottish Archery realise that this is likely to cause some members financial challenges. At our May Board meeting we therefore agreed that we will be making the recommendation to the AGM that Scottish Archery retain the same fee structure as is currently in place – effectively meaning that for Junior clubs the Scottish Archery fee will remain as £40.00 and for Disability Clubs the fee will be £49.00. This is, of course, assuming that such a recommendation is approved at the Scottish Archery AGM.

Clubs can therefore choose to remain as junior or disabled clubs, paying the Scottish archery en bloc fee plus the individual archery GB fee, or amalgamate clubs paying individual fees to Archery GB and Scottish Archery. Please note the tight timescales from Archery GB when making your decision and feel free to contact Alan.martin@scottisharchery.org.uk if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.


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