Coaching Renewals

During the pandemic, for a variety of reasons there have been a number of Coaches whose Coach licence has lapsed.  Therefore, the Coaching Committee wanted to remind Coaches that details of their coaching licence and renewal date can be found on their individual records on Sport80. No licence renewal reminders are currently sent out to Coaches. Please be aware that if a renewal application has not been authorised by the Scottish Renewal Panel by the renewal date the Coach Licence will lapse and Archery GB will update Sport80 records accordingly. 


We would therefore ask ALL Coaches to be aware of their licence renewal date and submit their application for renewal at least 2 months in advance of the renewal date to the Coaches Renewal Panel via the Director of Coaching. Applications for renewal should be sent on the relevant Scottish form (completed on computer please) which can be found on Scottish Archery website. Also available on the website is a Guidance document (updated July 2020) giving details of what documentation you need to submit.   The Coaching pages of the website can be found here.


The Coaches Renewal Panel wants to support Coaches whose licence may have lapsed and they wish to renew therefore they are asked to contact the Director of Coaching for advice at  coaching@scottisharchery.org.uk prior to submitting an application. 


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