Youth Festival Report

A slideshow of photos taken at the youth festival can be viewed here.


Report from Tam Yule

I was given the opportunity to be team supervisor at this year's youth festival. Never when I accepted the role did I think would I experience such an emotional rollercoaster. These young athletes were outstanding in every department. To watch and help them recover from disappointment, to watching them succeeded and share their joy was something I will cherish.

International day was something special and the atmosphere was electric. These young athletes wore the shirt with pride. 8 athletes went to the youth festival and brought back 12 medals,  7 Gold,  4 Silver and 1 Bronze.


Matthew Wong, individual Gold, international Gold, mixed team Silver.


Robyn Geddes, team Gold, international Gold, mixed team Silver.


Heather Hughes, team Silver.


Daniel McLaren, individual quarter final.


Cameron Radigan, commonwealth individual Gold, team Gold, international quarter final.


Mirran Yule, international quarter final, team quarter final.


Johnathan Ralston, team Gold, mixed team Silver, individual quarter final, international quarter final.


Lucy Coutts, team Silver, international quarter final.


I would like to thank the parents who made my job so much more enjoyable, their commitment is relentless and I'm sure I saw tears in some of their eyes during international day.

Final word is on these magnificent young athletes. Extremely well done to all,  you did your parents and Scotland proud. I for one am proud of each and everyone of you. I look forward to watching further success.


Team supervisor, Tam Yule.


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