Youth Festival Day Two

Before I start the report on a very eventful 2nd day at the youth festival. I need to clear up an omission from yesterday. Being team manager means that you are required to support every archer , I am glad to say with the support of a very hands on parental support team  I believe I do. But failed to give one archer the recognition in yesterday’s report that she deserved. Laura Paterson qualified 24th in the cadet recurve category and performed admirably in the team round robin events.


Day 2 was taken up with mixed team and team head to heads. The teams were selected based on the qualification scores from yesterday.  To start the day off the Scotland squad were spilt into mixed doubles teams with the rest of the competitors for U21 recurve, U18 Recurve & Compound youth.


Olivia Kendal and Chloe Scott had a miserable start and ranked 9th, while Cairn Boyd and Alfie Ridding ranked 7th. Keith Radigan and Louise Bassett have progressed to the Gold medal match being held on Friday.


In Tier 3 U18 mixed recurve Eleanor MacDonald and Chloe Pink put up a brave battle against Amber Knowles and Harriet Crook but unfortunately lost and ranked 9th.  In the head to head betweenZoe Moore & Kristin Ward versus Evie Barker & Laura Paterson there was an unexpected twist. As both teams had not signed the score sheet, both teams were disqualified. It was only by the persistence of the parents negotiating directly with AGB officials that new instructions were advised to all judges that assistance should be provided to all junior archers in completing their score sheets. This was witnessed by me throughout the day that prevented several other teams from being disqualified.


In Tier 2 U18 mixed recurve Artur Pacut and Megan Robertson had a very tight match against Yehia Saber and Emelia Belshaw. The 4-5 defeat put Artur and Megan in 5th place.


In Tier 1 U18 mixed recurve Lucy Coutts & Rhys Morrillo were up against Shay Boyd and Ella Clampin. With a consistent performance by Coutts ensured they progressed to the next round. Lucy and Rhys were beaten in the semi finals by Samantha Roberts and Archie Bromley which forced them into a Bronze medal match with Holly Linfield & Samuel Birdsall. Lucy and Rhys returned to form and got the Bronze medal on a 5-1 win.


In Tier 2 U21 mixed recurve Kathleen Morgan and Toby Wiggin were put out in a very tight match that resulted in them being ranked 6th.


In Tier 1 U21 mixed recurve the team of Mirran Yule & Harry Tapp  had a very similar outcome as Victoria Otterson & Riley Spencer-Nice, in the fact that both teams performed valiantly but missed out on set points due to very small differences in each end. This resulted in them being ranked 8th and 6th respectively.  The teams of Cameron Radigan & Sophie Young and Luke Wheeler & Charlotte Hempsall didn’t meet until the semi-finals where a very tight head to head that had Wheeler and Hempsall competing and winning a Bronze medal match and Radigan & Young progressing to the Gold medal match on Friday.


The afternoon was taken up with the team events. In the U18 woman team event all archers performed at a professional level that resulted in Kristin Ward's team taking the bronze and Lucy Coutt's team progressing to the Gold medal match on Friday. The compound teams were unfortunate in their matches after their performance earlier in the day with Cairn Boyd's team being ranked 6th and Keith Radigan's & Olivia Kendal's team being ranked 5th. In an interesting turn of events in the womens U21 team event  Victoria Otterson's ranked 4th with Kathleen Morgan's team and Mirran Yule's team in the Gold medal match on Friday. Finally in the teams matches Cameron Radigan's team had a nail biting match to collect Bronze with Luke Wheeler's team looking forward to a Gold medal match on Friday.


Today was also the presentation of the Commonwealth champions. In the U18 Men Recurve Shay Boyd collected Silver. In the U18 Woman recurve Lucy Coutts collected Bronze. In the U16 men Compound Cairn Boyd collected Sliver and finally in the U16 woman compound Olivia Kendal collected Bronze.


The final competition of the day was the international mixed teams.  After a long day the archers had to dig deep to perform their best in this competition and they did not disappoint.


Keith Radigan & Molly Jones took silver in the U21 Compound


Cairn Boyd & Olivia Kendal took silver in the U18 Compound


Both Shay Boyd & Lucy Coutts and Luke Wheeler & Mirran Yule took their matches with England to a shoot off with both Scottish teams winning Gold.


These scores resulted in Scotland and England being tied for first place for the home nations cup that will be coming to Scotland in the latter half of this year.

As well as the medals the archers have conducted themselves in such a manner that they have attracted the mutual respect of other nations.

Tomorrow is the start of the individuals head to head’s and I have no doubt the archers will perform their best as they have done so far.


Richard Radigan

U21 Scottish Team Manager


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