Youth Festival Day Three

This is becoming a bit of a habit for me. Before reporting on day 3 of the youth festival I need to cover an omission from the team events yesterday. Kathleen Morgan and Marco Costanza competed in the U18 Tier 2 mixed doubles. Kathleen who is just returning to competition after being hospitalised due to health issues, just missed out on Bronze in a one arrow shoot off as the scores were tied at 5-5.


To say it is busy for archers parents and staff during this competition is an understatement. So much so we are on version 3 of the schedule of matches. And this caused the first issue of the day. I was reading the times off an old version of the schedule and informed the U21 woman archers that they did not need to be in the field until 10:00. While on the field I heard them announce the line up of archers than included the U21 women. Victoria Otterson was already in the field, Mirran Yule managed to get to the field 15 minutes before the start of practice at 09:30.


I informed the judges it was my mistake that Kathleen Morgan was not on the field and they did everything within their power to delay the practice for 5 minutes, to give Kathleen a chance to get to the field. Kathleen phoned Mirran to tell her they made it to Lilleshall but the road was closed due to a lorry and would not be open for an hour. Kathleen needed additional time to find an alternative route. I appealed to the judges once again but as you can understand they had other archers to consider and they gave the two minute warning for start of practice.


Knowing Kathleen would be on the field soon I did what any team manager would do. When the archers went to collect their arrows after the first end of practice, I asked the judges if I could assist Eleanor MacDonald with her arrows, which he agreed I could as it was practice. When at the target Eleanor took her time pulling her arrows. I then noticed that one of the archers had missed the target next to her so I helped look for the missing arrow by walking as far behind the target as I could, to the point the judges called me back.


Realising that Kathleen was still not on the field I walked slowly back to the shooting line with one of the judges and about half way back I tripped myself up and landed flat on my face. Much to the amusement of all of the archers and their parents. By the time I was helped up and returned to the shooting line Kathleen had made it to the field. Kathleen started to set up her bow with the assistance of Graeme Boyd and Tam Yule as the second round of practice was under way. This time when the archers collected their arrows most of them returned to the shooting line apart from Mirran Yule and Victoria Otterson, who both walk very slowly back from the target with their hands behind their backs thus giving Kathleen the additional minutes she needed to setup. Kathleen then participated in the final end of practice. This was teamwork at its best. Supporting the team doesn’t just mean cheering them on it means doing whatever is necessary to ensure the team performs at its best. I was amazing to see the archers and parents just doing whatever they could to help, there was no need for instructions or coordination. Everyone just knew what had to be done and it was executed with military precision.


So that was the day before a single arrow was scored…….

The rest of the morning was taken up with the individual head to heads. In the U18 recurve women Laura Paterson, Zoe Moore, Kristin Ward and Eleanor MacDonald all ranked 17th. With Lucy Coutts ranking ninth overall. As with all head to heads the result does not accurately portray how close these matches were. When you have archers who are attending the youth festival for the first time competing against archers serval years older than them with serval year’s experience of heads to heads and our archers are only losing by a point or so. Only by witnessing these matches would you realise that every archer gave 100% with each arrow. In the U18 recurve men Artur Pacut ranked 6th and Shay Boyd has progressed to the Bronze medal match on Saturday. In the U21 men recurve Luke Wheeler ranked 7th. In the U21 recurve women Victoria Otterson and Kathleen Morgan ranked 9th with Mirran Yule progressing to the Bronze medal match on Saturday.


In the Youth compound women (which is a mix of juniors and cadets), Olivia Kendal ranked 9th. In the Youth compound men Cairn Boyd ranked 5th with Keith Radigan progressing to the Bronze medal match on Saturday.


In the afternoon all categories of archers were involved in a mixed doubles round robin. This is where Zoe Moore and William Addison were a force to be reckoned with by taking the Bronze in the U18 mixed team category. 


To say that Scotland has been well represented in this competition is an understatement. Our archers are so highly valued that in the international competition yesterday Kathleen Morgan represented Northern Ireland  with Arron Craig in the mixed doubles and came in 5th while Victoria Otterson represented Wales with Callum Piggot and collected a Bronze.


Tomorrow is the team Gold medal matches where we will see.


Artur Pacut in the U18 mens team match

Lucy Coutts in the U18 womens team match


Kathleen Morgan in the U21 womens team match


Mirran Yule in the U21 womens team match

Luke Wheeler in the U21 mens team match

Cameron Radigan in the U21 mixed doubles match

Keith Radigan youth compound mixed team match


Richard Radigan

U21 Team Manager




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