Youth Festival - Day Four

Archery GB Youth Festival 2021 (Day 4)


This is us now into the finals matches of the festival. These took place in the very windy Orangery at Lilleshall. Today saw Cameron Radigan and Megan Costall face off against Luke Wheeler and Nicole Burdett for the Junior Mixed Team gold medal. Luke and Nicole took the first 2 points leaving Cameron and Megan an uphill battle. Cameron and Megan responded by taking the next 6 points.


Next up was the Junior Team event. Cameron Radigan, Mirran Yule and Niamh Titchener faced off against Monty Orton, Luke Wheeler and Nicole Burdett for the Junior Team gold medal. Cameron, Mirran and Niamh took the first 4 points. They dropped the next 2 points, but came back in the next end with Mirran hitting an amazing 9 after recovering from a bad shot in the previous end and Cameron ended the competition with a solid X.


In conclusion:


Mirran Yule & Cameron Radigan - Gold Medal (Junior Team)


Cameron Radigan – Gold Medal (Mixed Team)


Tomorrow will see:


Mirran Yule  - (Bronze Medal Individual match)


Cameron Radigan – (Bronze Medal Individual match)


These matches can be watched on YouTube Youth Festival 2021 - Thursday PM


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Team Manager


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