Update to Members


Good morning everyone.


I am keen to update everyone regarding Scottish Archery’s position on the recent update from ArcheryGB as regards “returning to shooting.


We take our position directly from Scottish Government guidance, in line with sportscotland and our other partners. Therefore, in Scotland, there is no change to the “lockdown” position we have been in for 62 days except for the small relaxation on permitted time to exercise outdoors. Consequently, no archery should be taking place in Scotland at this time.


Whilst extremely frustrating as Archery and sport provides such a positive impact on peoples lives, we must stay within the Scottish Government guidance which is to stay at home – albeit take this opportunity to walk/run/cycle close to home.


I made a statement on May 8th (here) and reiterated this position on 14th May on our social media channels. Whilst ArcheryGB have taken their position from the UK government the guidance documents they issued are welcome in that they are comprehensive but also state the easing of restrictions only applies in England.


We are part of a wider group with sportscotland and other sports governing bodies who meet regularly and there is a lot of debate as to how and when sport can return.  I expect to be able to provide a reasonable roadmap to returning to activity here in Scotland later this month but this will not contain any timelines as the landscape is changing regarding testing and the likely significant introduction of new processes around hygiene, equipment sharing, venue based testing and storage which will in turn impact facility access and provision.


For those clubs and members who use public sector venues such as schools or community venues, it is likely the venues may open for their core purposes (education, community support activity) before they are open for supplementary use such as sports clubs. However, this will be a “moving feast” as the Scottish Government position will need to change before the local authority/leisure trust position changes and we see what we would consider a form of normal access.


When we have updates, they will be shared as soon as possible, but please for the moment stay at home, look after yourself and your loved ones and observe the current Scottish Government guidance.


Our staff are all still here and working remotely – please drop us a line if you have a query.


Jacqui Dunlop – admin@scottisharchery.org.uk

Alan Martin – Alan.Martin@scottisharchery.org.uk

Bill Hogg – Bill.Hogg@scottisharchery.org.uk

Vincent Bryson – Vincent.Bryson@scottisharchery.org.uk



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