Soft Archery in Primary Schools

Soft Archery in Primary Schools

Children from 3 local primary schools (Madderty, St  Dominic's RC & Crieff primary school) attend our Soft Archery extra curricular club, which is organised and run by Crieff high school sports leaders who completed the Scottish Archery training in soft Archery. The session is supported by our local Primary PE specialist Mrs Kirstine McGregor and we have member's from the local Crieff Archery club too. It's brilliant fun and the participants love it.


“The Crieff cluster have really driven the Soft Archery development in the area.  This is a completely new activity in the area and it is great to see the programme going from strength to strength through input from a number of key personnel and partners including the local club.  We were keen to introduce the children to the sport of Archery at an earlier age to highlight the benefits and value of the sport”


Laura Baxter 

Scottish Archery Club Development Officer



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