Scottish Indoors Update

Tournament Organiser’s (TO) Group Update 


Good afternoon everyone 

Thank you to all the members who have contributed to the recent discussion regarding the Scottish Indoor Championship. As mentioned on the open call we held on Thursday February 3rd, the TO Group held a follow-up meeting on Monday February 7th. 


At the meeting, TO’s agreed to alter the format of the event by offering Individual Men & Women categories for each bow type with immediate effect. Each category will be awarded places based on their score as is the traditional competition metric. 


For the Scottish Indoor Championships in 2022 the TO’s have also expressed a keenness to offer a ranking based on an Open category with final ranking based on score per bow type and a title of Scottish Champion (Open Category) awarded alongside the Men’s & Women’s Categories as has been done for previous events. 


The Organisers for the 2022 Indoor’s will now begin the process of arranging into the 3 categories and if you wish to enter or have more details sent, please do contact the Event Organiser on TOGroup@scottisharchery.org.uk 


With regard to the level of interest and debate surrounding this event I would personally like to thank everyone who shared their perspective’s and the manner in which the vast majority of these perspective’s were shared. It is important our volunteers are respected for the effort and contribution they make as we could not deliver events without them. 


We also mentioned the opportunity will be made available to feedback on provision for future events – working with the Pathways Manager Alan Martin, our TO’s Group have created a questionnaire to gather thoughts and perspectives on future competition provision. It would be most appreciated if members could complete the survey – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/F7DSKC5


I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the event in Inverclyde and I hope you have a good day’s shooting when you are there. 


Best of luck to everyone who enters. 


Vincent Bryson



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