Scottish Disability Sport - Return to Sport

There is support available to clubs and individuals looking to return to archery. Scottish Archery partners closely with Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) and we are very keen to support anyone that feels they would like assistance with returning to archery.


BBC Research on the Impact of Covid on people with disabilities (released in July 2021) showed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57652173


3351 people with disabilities were interviewed

  • 78% said mental health got worse
  • 72% said their disability had deteriorated
  • 20% had seen all of their appointments cancelled or were unable to attend
  • 7% had not left the house at all


Partners reveal that there are more considerations to get participants with disabilities returning to sport including lack of confidence, accessing suitable facilities, support, lack of opportunities, financial implications both for facilities and individuals. It is important to consider the individual needs of participants and athletes with a disability when returning to physical activity and sport. Evidence in the video demonstrates that participants with a disability are keen to get back into physical activity and sport, meet their friends and have fun.


This video Return to Sport - LA & SGB demonstrates how SDS partners are addressing challenges and positively ensuring a safe and fun return to physical activity and sport for participants with a disability. Amongst the key solutions are safety, planning, partnerships and a welcoming and inclusive approach. Guidance is available in this document. Principles to support participants and athletes to return to sport.pdf


Further information and support can be provided by SDS and Scottish Archery. Please email: admin@scottishdisabilitysport.com or bill.hogg@scottisharchery.org.uk




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