Scottish Archery Update - Route Map out of COVID-19 Lockdown

It was a pivotal moment yesterday as the Scottish Government launched the route map out of the COVID-19 enforced lockdown. I know there are still questions on “what’s next” for archery in Scotland and we will share our plan for restarting shooting over the next few days.


The Scottish Government route map has 4 phases and the first set of potential easing of restrictions focuses almost exclusively on outdoor sports. There are no easing of restrictions due to be announced until May 28th so for the next few days we are still observing the lockdown criteria which remains to only conduct essential travel and maintain physical distancing at all times if out exercising or shopping.


We will align any return to archery completely with the Scottish Government guidance and I understand the frustration if this looks different to other Home Nations.


We are still a long time away from sport looking as it did back in January and February of this year (if it ever does) and maintenance of physical distancing will be with us into the end of Phase 3 of the published Scottish Government guidance with likely retention into Phase 4. Public sector facility access is still not likely for a number of months so whilst the easing of restrictions will hopefully improve lives the delivery of sport will still be impacted.


We will publish our “return to archery” guidance next week and in the meantime if there are any questions please do drop me a line on Vincent.Bryson@scottisharchery.org.uk


Vincent Bryson

Chief Operating Officer

Scottish Archery


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