Scottish Archery Rankings Pilot

Over the past year our new Rankings Coordinator - Ed Pike has been working hard with support from the Scottish Archery staff team and integrating the good work from the TO's group.

We now have a new rankings document that allows members to earn ranking points from SRE competitions in club time to World Cup legs as part of Team GB.


Over the outdoor season Ed has captured a lot of data from various events across the UK and beyond. The ranking list you can see at the link below is the result of all this data being pulled together in one place. Not every result from every archer will be included as this was a pilot to see how the format works so please don't focus on the results that maybe aren't included.


We would to hear from you all and gather some feedback on the rankings pilot so we can make any necessary changes ahead of rolling it out in full next outdoor season.


For the coming indoor season the format will be similar but the focus will be on scores shot, again this will be a pilot process with a view to rolling out in full next indoor season.


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