Scottish Archery Levels 0 - 4 Guidance

* Please note the documents on this page will be updated in line with any changes to guidance *


Good afternoon everyone.


We are publishing our latest set of guidance for Archery in Scotland today, incorporating the new local authority Levels system designed by the Scottish Government.


Previously, you were asked to tailor your activity based on the Health Board you resided in and this forms the first main difference in our latest guidance which is effective from today, Monday November 2nd.


Members are able to take part in archery outdoors across all Levels of the new guidance. As of today, no local authorities are categorised as Level 0 or Level 4 but please do check the Scottish Government website for the postcode checker to see which level your local authority is currently classed as.  As mentioned by the First Minister, the local authority classifications will be updated on a weekly basis.


We are of course moving into fairly uncharted territory and ask that our members reach out directly with questions to our staff team as we are still here and working on your behalf. The speed with which the COVID sporting and political landscape is moving has gained pace and we are trying to ensure as much clarity and forward planning is achieved for you, but the word “unprecedented” is definitely valid here. I hope you can still find some time to enjoy your archery as we move deeper into winter but please do look after yourself, fellow archers, club members and your loved ones.


Vincent Bryson

p/t CEO

Scottish Archery


The full guidance document can be viewed here


We have also created some simple infographics for each level:

Key points for Level 0 can be viewed here

Key points for Level 1 can be viewed here

Key points for Level 2 can be viewed here

Key points for Level 3 can be viewed here

Key points for Level 4 can be viewed here


As always if you would like any assistance from the staff please contact us:

Vincent Bryson  - CEO (vincent.bryson@scottisharchery.org.uk)

Jacqui Dunlop - Administrator (admin@scottisharchery.org.uk)

Bill Hogg - Club Development Officer (bill.hogg@scottisharchery.org.uk)

Alan Martin - Pathways Manager (alan.martin@scottisharchery.org.uk)


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