Scottish Archery Launches Podcast

I hope you are all safe and well and able to at least enjoy the weather with those within your household. Once again, for those key workers and others engaged in the fight against Coronavirus and caring for family or loved ones we all owe you a big THANK YOU for all your efforts.


As you may have seen on our social channels this week, some of our Pathway Squad athletes have been sharing their home workouts and I hope if you can take a look at the Scottish Archery Facebook page you can enjoy the videos. If anyone has any of their own home workout tips to share please do tag us on social media and we will make sure we share them to the wider archery community.


I want to also extend a thank you to those members of Scottish Archery who have completed the Club Survey issued on Wednesday by Club Development Officer Bill Hogg. We all understand the pressures members are under with the need to make adaptations to life in the current climate. I also understand how the survey could be viewed as “yet another unnecessary invasion” into your busy lives when almost everyone is asking for feedback or insight via email.


Please do rest assured the survey we issued will be used to help deploy our Club Development efforts where you tell us they are needed. If you can spare a few minutes to complete the survey we would enjoy hearing your thoughts.


Lastly, I hope we can bring some enjoyment to you with the launch of our Podcast called “The Nocking Point” (and another thank you to Kevin Duncanson for the name and logo!). Hosted by Mirran Yule, Alan Martin and Vincent Bryson, the first episode is a fantastic chat with Simon Needham as he talks us through his archery life from first picking up a bow to joining the Royal Marines and fitting archery around a military career and then pushing on to start the journey to becoming an Olympian.


I am biased, but it is a fantastic story and a great first episode. If you have any thoughts or feedback on “The Nocking Point” please drop it in to Podcast@scottisharchery.org.uk and if you want to listen to it (and of course we hope you do!) – please click here




Vincent Bryson

Chief Operating Officer

Scottish Archery





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