Scottish Archery Home Nations Update

An announcement on behalf of the Scottish Archery Board and Performance Group


After the recent round of roadshows and discussions the Scottish Archery Performance Group have considered the significant feedback received and would like to update the position regarding the Home Nations and performance programme in general.

First and foremost we would like to thank everyone that attended the roadshows across the country, it was good for Directors and Staff to get to meet a variety of members and listen to what they have to say. Having listened to all the points raised at each of the sessions we have reconsidered the decisions specific to the Home Nations events:


  1. The Performance Group will be sending a team to the senior home nations to allow for a domestic opportunity to represent Scotland. The team will be selected upon selection criteria however please be aware if we don’t receive enough applications that meet the criteria then a part team will compete.
  2. The Performance Group will not be selecting a team to participate in the Junior Home Nations. The primary reason for this is because we need to encourage and support attendance at the Archery GB youth festival. The youth festival also provides a domestic opportunity for Cubs, Cadets and Juniors to represent Scotland. Archery GB have also changed the dates to fit with the Scottish school holidays, if our representation is low then we may lose the opportunity to attend this event in the future. The level of competition on offer at the youth festival is ideal for helping to prepare our younger archers for progressing to GB squads in the future and can be seen as a crucial part of the pathway.


We also recognise that there was some conversation about other areas as well such as provision for archers not on pathway squad but still keen to progress, we will look to communicate around these in due course as we look to plan activity relating to them.


Criteria for the Senior Home Nations is available (here) and evidence can submitted using the online form here with a closing date of 27th June. If you have any queries about submitting evidence or are unsure about the What it takes to win model please contact alan.martin@scottisharchery.org.uk for guidance.




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