Scottish Archery Club Stimulus – Membership Year 2020-2021

Scottish Archery Club Stimulus – Membership Year 2020-2021


Hello everyone


I hope all members and families around the Scottish Archery landscape are safe and healthy – for those returning to school or work in the last few days I hope it has been as stress-free as possible. Never has it been truer that we live in “interesting times”.

We asked for member and club feedback in the recently-issued club survey (results will be published soon) and we are delighted to have received 29 club responses to this survey. It allowed the staff to consider where and how to deploy resources and all Board and Staff have been working on some new initiatives over the last few months which I will detail below.  We have tried to make every decision possible with the long term future of the sport, clubs and members at the forefront and this is why we are proposing some of the actions we are taking.

We are deeply involved in the collective Sports Governing Body Forum and continue to make the case for Archery as a healthy and low risk sport. We are only able to do this whilst members continue to conduct themselves in the exemplary manner they have been so thank you from us all for the actions taken so far.


Club Stimulus – 50% of membership


On Monday 10th August the Scottish Archery Board approved a proposal by Finance Director Craig Lindsay to return 50% of received club membership back to clubs in membership year 2020-21. This was approved as was the action to consider a similar package but with a smaller percentage for membership year 2021-22.

What this means in real terms is we are asking members and clubs to affiliate as normal when the affiliation window opens in a few weeks time. Over the course of the next membership year we will take a proportion of affiliations received at the end of December 2020, March 2021 and June 2021 and offer them as financial support to the associated clubs. The financial support offered will be equal to 50% of the affiliations received by Scottish Archery. We will of course give more details directly to clubs over the next couple of weeks.

I shared this proposal with representatives of the Scottish Archery Areas on Wednesday and the calculated sums show we are likely to see around £14000 returned to clubs over the next year if we get affiliations in “as normal”. Obviously, the fewer affiliations we get the smaller the payments back to clubs will be so we ask clubs and club leaders to encourage affiliations as much as possible and as early as possible so we can get payments made to clubs.

We intend to run a similar albeit likely smaller stimulus package for membership year 2021-22 which could be as much as 25% returned to clubs.  The Board will review this in July and August 2021. 

The Board also voted on Monday 10th August to propose no increase in fees for membership year 2021-22 so there is clarity for all members that your fee will not rise for the next 24 months.


Funded Competition – Frostbite Leagues


We understand it has been a tough time for members with shooting not permitted for 66 days from March to May and of course the restrictions placed on shooting that have been around since the end of May. It is likely your experience of archery and your club is different to what you expected and we hope some of the actions we are taking can provide support for your clubs to support members and vice versa.

The facility picture at the moment – particularly around indoor facilities – looks uncertain and access in the short term will be limited. To that end, we intend to fund some entries to the Scottish and British Frostbite leagues to encourage shooting outdoors. We will release more details of these soon but again, when the opportunity comes I encourage members to take them if possible. If you are able to make contact and maintain a dialogue with your facility provider at a local level I encourage you to do so.

One of the key findings from our survey was the desire for future planning and issues around facility access. Please do remember our staff are here and willing to help with both these areas.


Club Development & CPD Opportunities


We also have a number of opportunities for members coming up around Club Development. We will shortly announce the date and time for an online workshop with Adam Szymoszowskyj (National Development Manager for Basketball Scotland) specifically around club financial packages and financial planning. Adam has delivered this workshop across a number of governing bodies and it has been extremely well received. Again, I encourage you to get involved.

We are approaching the third week of our “return to club activity” package with some excellent external speakers in Sports Psychology Scotland and Allistair McCaw. We conducted these workshops using a “pay what you can afford” pricing model and that will be the approach we take for the future. The majority of online CPD offered will ask for a contribution on the participants terms and we are working to make sure the payment process is as smooth as possible. 

I hope this lengthy summary finds you well and please reach out with questions to any of the staff. Details are on the contact page at www.scottisharchery.org.uk


Vincent Bryson

Chief Operating Officer

Scottish Archery



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