SA Indoor Disability Championships



The Tournament Organiser Group sincerely regrets that due to circumstances beyond its control there is no club willing to run this year’s SA Indoor Disability Championships.


The Group is therefore looking for a club to run this event before April 2019. 


If any club wishes to bid to run this event over the next two years, please fill in and submit a Bid Application Form before 6 December 2018 to give enough time for either an SRS or UKRS application to be processed. 



As individual members, please ask your club committees if they would consider running this event! 


If there are no takers, sadly this event will not be taking place this year.


It is vital that we have volunteers willing to run these competitions and your assistance is desperately needed in order to keep these events alive! 


If you have any questions prior to submitting your bid please just get in touch by emailing admin@scottisharchery.org.uk 


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