Return to Archery - Support for Members

Returning to Archery – Support for Members


This programme is aimed at members of Scottish Archery to assist with the transition of getting back to archery, for most this will be within a club setting.


From our recent surveys and speaking to members we understand that many of you will have questions and perhaps some reservations about returning to club based activity. To support the transition from lockdown back to club activity we are facilitating a 3 week digital programme of activities to assist members.


3rd August @ 7pm – Mindfulness Workshop 1


10th August @ 7pm – Session with Allistair McCaw


17th August @ 7pm – Mindfulness Workshop 2


To sign up for the programme please register here. Please note there is no set cost for being on the programme, instead we would ask members to simply pay what they can afford for being part of the programme.





The mindfulness workshops will be led by Alban Dickson and Chris Hartley. Alban currently provides psychology support to our pathway squad and has ran some mental health first aid training for coaches too.


The workshops will look at coping effectively with the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires archers to have more than just training plans and routines to thrive. We need to ensure that the person on the shooting line has the ability to respond to stress, pressure, expectation, distractions, and boredom – both in and outside of archery.


In this regard the aim of the workshops is to introduce mindfulness as a tool to help support you in your return back to club training and shooting in your club environment.


Mindfulness has been applied for centuries across many different cultures and domains of life to contact and become non-judgementally aware of the present moment – which many athletes have realised can be a powerful skill in training, competition, and life in general. Recently, mindfulness has emerged as a leading foundation for successful interventions in the sport environment; ranging from grassroots to high performance levels.


So, during these sessions we will be providing you with an engaging and archery-specific introduction to mindfulness, and explore how it can be used to support a positive return to training as well as your day-to-day life.


Allistair McCaw

Allistair McCaw is a consultant, author and keynote speaker. Allistair has extensively travelled the world sharing his insights and experience with some of the top leaders, performers, teams, and organisations.

For over 25 years, Allistair has consulted and worked with amongst others, Olympic Gold Medallists, Grand Slam Champions, Fortune 500 companies, NCAA Colleges, and Professional sports teams.

Allistair has delivered some sessions for us previously; in November 2018 he came to Scotland as part of a multi sport conference we helped to facilitate, more recently he has also delivered some sessions to our pathway squad athletes and coaches.


If you would like further information please contact Bill Hogg - Club Development Officer (bill.hogg@scottisharchery.org.uk)






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