Phase 3 Guidelines



Scottish Archery are delighted to present our phase 3 guidance for clubs and members, effective from July 10th.


As part of a large collaborative piece throughout sport in Scotland, we are pleased to confirm we are moving into phase 3 with guidance approved by sportscotland and Scottish Government. 


As ever, the main priority when publishing this guidance is both to allow members and clubs a wider archery context to deliver the sport in these unprecedented times - but primarily to have the archery community play our part in maintaining and protecting public health.


There are some key points for phase 3


 - Children 11 & Under don't need to socially distance from each other at any time


 - Young people (12-17) don't need to distance when on shooting line or anywhere within the range - but do when they arent! So they can shoot together but when that activity is over, they must distance.


 - Adults must maintain physical distance at all times.


 - No coaching inside the “2 metre boundary” for any age group


 - Targets need only be 4 metres apart


   - Group size can be up to 15 people from 5 households


Whilst not in any way “standard shooting” I am hopeful more members and more clubs may be able to open up for members benefits and offer an excellent shooting experience.


There may be further easing of restrictions as we go deeper into the month of July and if so, we will share as soon as we can.


I hope you can enjoy shooting - and please remember to #StaySafe at all time.


Phase 3 Guidelines


Phase 3 Range Diagram


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