Performance Pathway Model

Performance Pathway 2020

Scottish Archery Performance Pathway 2020

The overall aim of the performance pathway is to provide opportunities for archers with the behaviours and ability to progress to GB level and also to continue to provide opportunities for archers to represent a Scottish team at the Home Nations and Euro Nations events.

The pathway will therefore have 2 distinct strands depending on what the archer is looking to achieve. There will be cross over between the 2 strands so while they are distinct they are not necessarily closed. For example a young developing archer may benefit greatly from being part of a home nations team before progressing onto GB squads. Equally an archer who has been part of a GB squad could also compete in a Home Nations team.

The funding support detailed below is also open to all archers that meet the criteria across both strands.


Representative Strand

This strand of the pathway has the opportunity to be more member led and is about getting the best Scottish archers available at the time to compete in a team environment. The feedback we have had since the performance roadshows is that archers value the Home Nations & Euro Nations and want to take part, having a team manager is also important and this will be part of the support offered.

For these events a Scottish Areas team will be selected where criteria can be based on best scores submitted or rankings. The opportunity is also there for the areas to lead on this.

Other support on offer for this strand includes opportunities for coach education through travelling with a team and coaching during the event. Taking part in Scottish competitions including our new Scottish Tour events. Archer development days where we can replicate some of the content from pathway squad to support archers on this strand.

Domestic funding was very popular last year with just under £2400 being awarded to members and it will be continued and increased for this coming year. The new criteria for 2020 can be found here.


GB Strand

This strand of the pathway is to support archers to progress to GB teams and is firmly aimed at developing the behaviours and skills required to do that.

The GB National Tour team is a new initiative to encourage more archers to travel to National Tour events and compete against the best archers domestically. Criteria for this can be found here.

Another new initiative is to encourage archers to gain international experience and achieve a world ranking. The World Ranking events funding criteria is setup to help archers achieve this and support them at non funded events. The criteria can be found here.


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