pathway squad support team

Pathway Squad Support Team

Congratulations to our Pathway Squad Support Team on their appointments.


They all went through a detailed selection process and we are delighted to be working with the group over the next 3 years. As well as providing support to the Pathway Squad athletes, the coaches will also go through a 3 year development programme to help them progress and achieve their goals.


The selected coaches are:


Douglas Jardine

Moira Taylor

Phyllis Pettett

Sandie Graham

Kerstin Elmendorff


Our Compound Subject Expert is:


Shaun Teasdale


Any coaches that have an interest in working with archers that want to progress should contact Pathways Manager - Alan Martin ( There will be archers keen to progress but don't have a coach and if we can match coaches and archers with similar goals then this should be of benefit to both parties.


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