Opportunity to progress towards GB level through Pathway Squad

Selection criteria has been set out to select archers that can work towards being part of GB squads



One of the strategic objectives for Scottish Archery is to progress archers to GB squads and teams.

The performance group have looked at performance models across the world and across various sports before bringing that learning together to create our ‘What it takes to win model’. The model aims to develop archers that are focused on developing sports specific and non specific elements of performance. When we bring all the elements together we have archers working with the factors that they require for success.

The document outlining all the criteria can be viewed here. By basing selection against this model we are creating a selection system based on evidence of success from within archery and from the wider sporting world. It will also highlight the archers that are investing time and focus in themselves and in turn allows us to invest in them.

The model also sets out to focus a lot deeper than just scores shot. Instead of scores being the primary measure we are challenging our archers to have a wider focus so that improved scores are a product of that focus.

If you would like to submit evidence and scores for squad selection please fill out the online form available here.


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