New Chief Operating Officer at Scottish Archery

Vinny Bryson commences in the role of Chief Operating Officer this week at Scottish Archery.

Vinny will be known by many members already for his voluntary roles as an Independent Director and as Chair for Scottish Archery. During his period in these posts, Vinny contributed to securing record levels of investment into the organisation and in shaping the strategic plan for 2017-2021 with the vision of #MakingSportLimitless

What may be less familiar to the membership is Vinny’s relevant career background and the experiences that he will bring for the benefit of archery in Scotland.

Vinny is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Scottish Fencing as well as being Strategy Director for Scottish Women’s Football. He has a wealth of experience in strategic planning and leading & inspiring staff to deliver operational programmes in order to meet key strategic objectives.  Combined with Vinny’s strong understanding of the sporting landscape and his knowledge of the archery structure and governance, he will be able to progress in his new role quickly.

#MakingSportLimitless is a theme that runs throughout Scottish Archery’s current strategic plan, and is an aspiration of us all. Here, Vinny tells us a little about how he feels starting in his new role, and what his initial plans are…..

“It’s a real privilege to join the staff team having been a volunteer for nearly 5 years and seen the work of so many people have such a strong impact within the organisation. I think we are in a really strong position to make so many positive changes for the sport in our own Archery context but also wider as part of the general sporting landscape in Scotland.

When we came up with the concept and intent of “#makingsportlimitless” our drive was to improve everything we could for individuals and clubs. I think people development is the only business we are in so it’s up to us to create the opportunity for archery clubs, coaches and competition providers to deliver the best possible experience for members regardless of whether they are entering the sport for the first time or a seasoned archer with many years behind them.  I think the opportunity exists to build an archery community that is really special and unique.  I hope to see and speak to as many people as I can over the next few months – starting with our event on the 14th December with board staff and volunteers. This is a bit of a retrospective view on current strategy achievements and the landscape we are in – which has shifted a little bit so I’m looking forward to that and the outcomes if it.”

Best wishes to Vinny in his new role; I am sure we will all support him as we strive together to achieve our ambitions, primarily in the areas of growth and inclusivity.


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