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New Awards Scheme – Earn Nationally Recognised Awards


We hope everyone is well and looking to get back to archery soon if you haven’t already.

The new awards scheme has been introduced so members can earn awards and see yourselves progress within a club setting. This can be accessed within club time and potentially a lot quicker for newer members. Currently to earn nationally recognised progress awards you would need to wait until you entered a competition. By introducing awards in club time it also means if you have no interest in going to competitions, you can still see progression and gain some badges as you improve.

The scheme is focused on outdoor archery with a view to looking at an indoor version in 2021. There is a high chance that the majority of archery for the remainder of 2020 will be outdoors so we believe that now is the time to launch the new awards scheme and help keep club members focused throughout the winter months.

In this initial launch phase we will very much be piloting the format to see how it works in reality and allow clubs and members taking part to feedback before we finalise it. In the interim we will provide certificates for anyone achieving the award levels. Any scores shot can also be resubmitted post pilot to gain the full award pending any changes to the score levels.

If you are interested in helping to shape the final product please contact Pathways Manager, Alan Martin (alan.martin@scottisharchery.org.uk) so your feedback can be collected.



The awards scheme is based on shooting 3 doz arrows at a 122cm target face (80cm for compound) at varying distances. The distances are defined as different levels and members can start at the distance most appropriate to their ability. For example a total beginner would start at Level 1 and a more accomplished archer may start at level 4 or 5 depending on the distances they shoot regularly at club/competition.

The score thresholds for achieving each level can be seen here. You will also notice progress markers within each level as detailed in the ‘levels’ section.

To take part each club will need to appoint someone that assumes responsibility for submitting award claims once a month and all claims should come from that person and go direct to Scottish Archery using the online claim form. To be that person simply speak to your club committee and the online form for submitting is available below.

There is a logbook to help track progress and this can either be filled out on a tablet/smartphone or you can download and print our printer friendly version. We have also included a simple 3 doz arrow score sheet to assist.

Each club can decide how they wish to sign off score sheets for claiming the awards. For example it could be signed off by a coach/judge within the club or simply by another member.

As this is a pilot period The TO’s group may require to make changes to ensure the scheme meets the needs of you the members and the clubs you shoot at. Feedback is really key and we encourage members and clubs to get in touch.

Full rules can be downloaded below.



As you can see from the score thresholds there are 5 levels within the award based on the colours of the target face (White, Black, Blue, Red, Gold). Within each level there are also 4 progression markers so archers can track how close they are to completing the level they are on.

Awards will be handed out on completion of the full level, archers can track their progress at each progression marker using the progress logbook which can be signed off by a coach/club committee member depending on how each club chooses to administer the awards.


Claiming an Award

Each club should have a set person that fills in the claim form for awards. This should be sent in once a month on the 1st of each month. If it arrives later it will put into the following month for processing. This way it should be relatively easy for Scottish Archery to administer and send out awards to the clubs without impacting significantly on staff time. If we do end up significantly impacting staff time then we will need to look at setting up a volunteer group to administer the scheme similar to our records group.

For the progress markers within each level clubs may wish to acknowledge this achievement themselves and are free to do so with certificates or anything else that they may want to award.


Age group

This award scheme is designed for all ages. For juniors the recurve distances are progressive in line with the age group 720 distances (50m Cub, 60m Cadet). For archers of any age though it will assist with their development and progression.



Please check our FAQ’s for further information, if you have any questions please contact Pathways Manager, Alan Martin (alan.martin@scottisharchery.org.uk)


Full rules download here

Score Thresholds download here

Sample scoresheet download here

Logbook download here

Logbook (printer friendly version) download here


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