Michael Mather steps down as COO

Scottish Archery COO Michael Mather stepped down from his role on March 29th as his contract came to an end.


Chairperson Vincent Bryson wishes to express his gratitude for the service Mike has shown both in his recent employment and his years of service going back many, many years.


“It has been a real pleasure to work with Michael for the last 20-something months in his paid capacity and nearly 3 years prior to that as Chairperson. His impact on the organisation has been nothing short of transformational. I wouldn’t be involved as an Independent person serving Scottish Archery and we wouldn’t be receiving record levels of investment from sportscotland or have the relationship we now enjoy with ArcheryGB if not for Michael. He is directly responsible for this.


If I look at the journey Mike took the organisation on in late 2013 when he began his (second!) Chairpersons tenure compared to now – it’s fair to say things are a bit different!  A year on year increase in membership, 3 brilliant staff recruited and retained in Jacqui, Laura and Alan not to mention the qualitative improvements in terms of a burgeoning performance pathway, disability lead clubs and of course so many of the “unseen hard yards” which sports governing bodies now must tread.  We are fully compliant with the new Safeguarding Standards for Sport and are seen as examples of good practice in governance with successful outcomes in KPMG audits mean the organisation is in a good place. So many of these things go under the radar but are required to maintain the organisations credibility and demonstrate we are worthy of investment.


Whilst Mike moves on into retirement, we haven’t seen the last of him.  His outstanding skillset in governance and experience of company legislation means he has also fulfilled a Company Secretary role for Scottish Archery over the years. He has offered to maintain this non-voting role as a volunteer and I have accepted this with the full backing of the board.  We live in ever-changing times and the opportunity to retain some institutional memory is one I wanted to maximise.  Once again, Mike puts Scottish Archery ahead of his own interests and wants to see the sport grow and thrive. He wont thank me for saying this but it fully demonstrates his humility and commitment to other people in the sport he has loved for so long.”


I’m sure I speak for us all when I say the staff, board and volunteers within Scottish Archery would like to extend their warmest thanks to Michael as he enjoys his retirement.”


The Chief Operating Officer role will not be replaced immediately. The board have chosen to wait until the decision regarding Archery’s involvement at Birmingham 2022 has been made before deciding on the next steps on any recruitment. One pivotal update is Jacqui Dunlop has increased her working hours for Scottish Archery on a permanent basis so we continue to enjoy the excellent service Jacqui provides.


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