Medal Success for Martin at Transplant Games

Congratulations to Martin Strang who had medal success at the British Transplant Games 2018 in Birmingham from 2-5 August.


The event was the largest ever Games with 1,050 transplant athletes and over 2,000 supporters registered as it returned to the host town, Birmingham after 19 years.


Martin Strang, from Falkirk Archers, competed in archery, ten pin bowling and indoor bowls.


Martin was “well chuffed” to receive silver in his age category for archery, pitting his bow against other well experienced archers.


These games were important for a lot of athletes as it was the qualifying games in order for members to be picked for Team Great Britain, to compete in the world transplant games in Newcastle next year.


Team members will be invited once all the games’ results have been looked at and assessed.


Martin says:


“this is my second British transplant games, after North Lanarkshire last year, and I also did the European games in Sardinia in June this year. Having a transplant is letting me live life to the full and I am enjoying every bit of the new lease of life.

Competing in the games is great fun and there is fantastic camaraderie within the teams.


My friends came up from Northamptonshire to see me whilst I was at Birmingham. The last time they saw me was six years ago, a month before my transplant and I was literally at deaths door. They couldn’t believe it when they saw me now,and competing. Not only that but as I was walking around the stadium, I was being talked to by various people that I had met the last two games, and my friends had mentioned that it was like one big family. It is, we are all there after having our lives saved, and the games are a celebration of life, and we are also there to honour our donors, whether they are live or deceased, and the Donor Family network plays a major part of the transplant games.


There are even events for children who have had transplants, some as young as five and it literally brings a tear to your eye to see them competing, and full of beans.


I am not sure if I have done enough to qualify, but I gave it a good go, and I am sure my donor, Toby, will be proud and, I suspect also “chuffed”!


I am part of the Edinburgh Transplant team and we got a good haul of medals, and one of our members received an award for being the best Super veteran!


Next year will be busy… The World Games are in Newcastle, and the British games will be held in Newport, Wales!“


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