LATEST - Enhanced Level 4 Guidance & Board statement


Hello everyone

Today we have published (here) our guidance for Archery in the “extended level 4” situation we are in on Mainland Scotland. With the Islands currently at Level 3 they should follow our guidance for those Levels as previously issued in November 2020.

I realise the normal action with the guidance is to consider how and where the opportunities to shoot exist and how you as an archer can get back on the range. This guidance is there for that purpose and should you deem it necessary and appropriate to shoot there are clear guidelines on how to achieve this.

However, with the case numbers rising and the necessity to play our part for friends, neighbours and loved ones in fighting the virus, we are asking our members to reconsider shooting during January and in fact to follow the government guidance and stay at home.

We know this is a strange thing for a governing body to say. Our normal position is to encourage shooting as and when you can and enjoy the sport for all the positives it brings.

However, recent spikes and the new COVID19 variant have placed the country in a difficult position therefore while you can shoot as per the guidance issued, we are asking members to stay at home.

It really pains us to say this, but we believe it is the right thing to do in the month of January. Our club rebate payments have begun and should have appeared in club accounts back in December and we are sure to have some amazing events once the battle to beat COVID is over.

More than that, we want our clubs back and our amazing members to enjoy their experiences shooting, laughing and having fun with archery.

Lets keep that firmly in the “target centre” as we go through January.


Jennifer Griffin – Scottish Archery Chair

Vincent Bryson – Scottish Archery CEO



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