Junior National Indoor Championships

I was once again my honour to manage a remarkable Scottish Junior Archery at the British Junior Indoor Championships. The team consisted of seasoned archers and first timers, but they trained as a team and shot as a team. 


There was an unfortunate last-minute change to the team as Kathleen Morgan was unable to travel.  She is recovering well, and we have sent our best wishes for a speedy recovery.  There were other late amendments to teams where Laura Paterson (Scotland) shot for Northern Ireland, as they were short of a ladies recurve archer.  Also, Artur Pacut (Scotland) shot for Wales as they were short of a gents recurve.


All archers performed admirably with Shay Boyd coming in 4th in the U18 gents recurve and Artur Pacut coming in 16th .  Luke Wheeler came in a respectable 17th while battling with equipment problems, he still completed the competition as all the archers in the team take advantage to resolve a problem no matter where they are (quitting is not in the spirit of the team).


In the U16 ladies recurve Lucy Coutts came in 7th place to the elation of the team, but she still criticised her performance believing she should have done better (typical archer). We had first time British championship competitors Zoe Moore picked up a sliver in the U14 ladies recurve and Laura Paterson finishing an amazing 6th.


Finlay Clark just missed out in the H2H rounds with a fabulous score of 576 but picking up a sliver in the U16 gents compound.  Keith Radigan (who picked up a compound 11 weeks ago) came in an amazing 6th in the U18 gents compound.


The Scottish Team claimed a bronze in the home nations, Artur Pacut supported the Welsh team to fourth place.  But our very own traded Laura Paterson claimed a Gold as she shot for Northern Ireland.


As expected, the team performed above all expectations and are now focusing on the outdoor season.  A special mention to Robyn Geddes for her support and speaking to other team managers about trading between national teams to ensure all archers could compete and all teams were full.


In the senior championship 6 of our recognised juniors took part representing their own clubs.


In the gents recurve Cameron Radigan made the cut off for the H2H’s by ranking 32nd. Shay Boyd (16) who competed in his first senior championships ranked an amazing 65th in the UK.


The ladies recurve saw Heather Hughes confidently making the cut off by placing 29th and Lucy Coutts stepping up her performance in the second half to also make the cut at placing 31st.  Victoria Otterson who was shooting in her first championship competition place a confident 39th in the UK. Mirran Yule who was fraught with form changes still placed a respectable 52nd with the attitude expected of the Junior Scotland Team and resolved all her issues to come back strong in the second half.


Finlay Clark just missed out on the H2H’s. This 16 year old compound archer still managed to place 39th in the UK. And Keith Radigan walked away ranked 68th as a senior in the UK.


The gents H2H’s saw Cameron Radigan face off against No1 ranked Patrick Huston.  Cameron put up a brave fight scoring 29, 28, 28 to Patricks 30, 30 ,30.  Cameron was finally ranked 17th in the UK.


The ladies H2H’s was filled with excitement with Heather Hughes taking 4th ranked Sobieraj Malgorzata to a nail biting one arrow shot off and Lucy Coutts shocking the crowd by going 4-0 up against 2nd ranked Penny Healey. Both Heather and Lucy ranked an amazing 17th in the UK.


Once again the Scottish junior archers conducted themselves with dignity and pride over the full weekend. They represented the country to the best of their abilities and made us all proud.


Richard Radigan

Scotland Junior Team Manager.


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