Home Nations at British Target Champs

Home Nations 2022 Selection Criteria

Scottish Archery are looking for archers attending the British Target Championships that want to be part of the Scottish team for the home nations element. This event sits against our representative strand.

The closing date for submitted scores is 12 noon on Friday 10th June with an announcement expected soon after. Archers must ensure that they have a place at the British Target Champs prior to submitting scores.



Places will only be offered to those that have a place at the event, this may result in sending a part team.



Three 1440 scores should be submitted from between 1st April 2019 and 9th June 2022


Submission form



After online submission of scores, the archers with the highest average 3 scores will form the representative Scottish team.


Outdoor Home Nations 2023

We will liaise with the other home nations to see what the future format looks like for this event.


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