Field Captain Training

Opportunity to become a trained field captain

Earlier in the year the TO's group launched Scottish Ranking Events (SRE). By allowing club members to earn ranking points during shoots in club time it will really help to engage more archers from across the country into the competition pathway.


In terms of rounds there is a lot of flexibility, it may well depend on the time each club has available. Some might be able to allow 6 dozen arrows and other may choose to use the 3 dozen from the awards scheme. We are keen that the SRE shoots are flexible to fit the needs of each club, although linking to the awards scheme would be good to see so members can earn badges as well as ranking points.


A sub group of TO's and judges have been working closely together and are now looking for anyone interested in becoming a field captain to run SRE competitions within their clubs or between a group of local clubs.


The process will consist of:

  • Some reading to become familiar with basic rules and procedures
  • Online sessions looking at various scenarios
  • Feedback from a judge during an actual shoot


We are planning the first online introduction session for the 19th August at 7.30pm. Even if you can't attend this but are still keen to learn more about becoming a field captain, fill in the form at the link below and we will notify you when the next session is taking place. If you can attend on the 19th please try and complete the form by the 17th so there is time to process the forms and send out the meeting link to everyone.


The online form can be accessed here


Any questions or queries please contact Pathways Manager - Alan Martin (alan.martin@scottisharchery.org.uk) or the TO's group (TOgroup@scottisharchery.org.uk)



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