Equality Survey Findings

Scottish Archery would like to thank everyone that took part in the equality survey at the start of the year. 610 people (28% of membership) completed the survey.


The Equality survey is part of our wider work around the Equality standards that all funded Governing Bodies work towards to make their sport as inclusive and accessible as possible to the population as a whole. We now have an Equality Action Group in place to support the Board and assist with making recommendations from the Equality data summary; more details on the group can be viewed (here).


Very soon we will be announcing the club with the highest percentage of members completing the survey and awarding them £500 towards club development.


A few of the positive findings from the data are:

Mental health was identified as one of the most important reasons for people taking part in archery; this demonstrates how participation in archery can positively impact on people’s lives #changinglivesthroughsport


·       We have a very wide age range within the sport represented in the data again showing how attractive we are to a wide cross section of the public.


·       Around 10% of respondents consider themselves disabled, this is a high level in comparison to other sports and demonstrates that archery is attracting people with a wide range of disabilties


·       Just over 8% of respondents identify as LGBT; this reflects well as it matches the national average given in the census.


·       Without archery 25% of respondents would be totally inactive showing that we are making a positive contribution to the nation’s physical health.


There are a few areas that we have identified as ones we’d like to take some targeted action in order to increase representation, mainly:

·       Percentage of females involved in archery, particularly within the workforce (coaching and judging)


·       Percentage of BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) members as this currently doesn’t reflect society as a whole


·       Number of Visually Impaired archers, while a good base to work from, again representation falls short of the numbers we would like to strive for


Over the coming months, the Equality Working Group will be working to identify barriers to involvement for these focus areas of under representation. The Group will then make recommendations as to how Scottish Archery could take a targeted approach to reduce barriers and make archery more inclusive as a whole.




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