Scottish Ranking Events Overview

Earn Ranking Points in Club Based Events

Earn ranking points in club based events


The Tournament Organisers Group has been extremely busy over the past year to look at new opportunities for our members, there has been a particular focus on making competitions more local and therefore accessible to more members within clubs.

The new Scottish Archery Awards Scheme has already been launched and is aimed at all members in clubs and allows badges to be earned during club time rather than having to attend more formal competitions.

The newest venture from the TO’s Group is creating a new event category called ‘Scottish Ranking Events (SRE)’. As the name suggests these events can be used for ranking point purposes. Much like the awards scheme the events are aimed at being local and within club time, it could be purely for the club hosting it or it could incorporate members from neighbouring clubs as well.

After consultation with some of our more remote clubs, including those within our island communities it was clear that their members feel isolated from the competition pathway and attending an event can be expensive and very time consuming. By allowing clubs to offer ranking point opportunities for members it will really help to engage more archers from across the country into the competition pathway.

In terms of rounds there is a lot of flexibility, it may well depend on the time each club has available. Some might be able to allow 6 dozen arrows and other may choose to use the 3 dozen from the awards scheme. We are keen that the SRE shoots are flexible to fit the needs of each club, although linking to the awards scheme would be good to see so members can earn badges as well as ranking points.

There is also the opportunity for training field captains and we have been working closely with our judges to make sure this can become part of the officiating pathway. The aim would be to have trained field captains able to run SRE shoots with mentoring and training available from judges. This also means our judges are able to fully focus on record status events such as the Scottish Tour in future years.

The TO’s Group are keen that the focus this outdoor season is to ‘Stay Local’, if you would like to find out more about Scottish Ranking Events please contact the TO’s group – If you would like to get involved with the Scottish Archery Awards Scheme visit the webpage here or contact Pathways Manager, Alan martin –


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