Development Ambassadors

Scottish Archery is pleased to launch an exciting new project called Development Ambassadors that has been created through new investment of £24,340 from the Scottish Government through the Voluntary Action Fund.


The Archery community in Scotland is all about people and the time that everyone gives to run the sport and to provide opportunities for people to access the sport.  Through this new investment, Scottish Archery has created a Development Ambassadors programme that will engage around 60 new volunteers over 3 years from the age of 16 years plus and provide education and upskill opportunities in a number of aspects including Archery Instructors Award, Club Governance, Club Operations, Social Media, Soft Archery and partnership working.


We will align with our 3 areas, Northern, West and Eastern to educate a group in the above aspects that will then be distributed into the club and area network within the sport.

The skills that the volunteers receive will be transferable and can be utilised in other walks of life therefore developing the person as well as the sport.


The successful Development Ambassadors will be part of the programme for 1 year where they will benefit from a variety of learning opportunities as well as practical experience through engagement with our affiliated clubs. The skills that are learnt throughout the programme will be fully transferable and will boost CV and employability or strengthen our already existing club network.


As an individual you can apply to be part of the Development Ambassadors programme if


  • You are currently a shooting member of Scottish Archery, Archery GB and an affiliated club.


  • You are not engaged with any Archery activity and would like to volunteer within the sport


As a club you can apply to be part of the mentoring and deployment part of programme


  • Your club must be affiliated to Scottish Archery and Archery GB

  • Your club must have a Club Development Plan in place – Our Club Development Officer can get this in place with you


Do you have people currently in your club who would be keen to be involved?

Does your club want to get involved to benefit from more volunteers?

Do you know anyone in the local community who would like to get involved and get hooked on the sport that we love?


How do we apply?


You can apply by completing the Development Ambassador Application Form.


Completed forms are to be returned to Laura Baxter, Club Development Officer by 22 October 2018laura@scottisharchery.org.uk


You can also send a written application to


Laura Baxter

Club Development Officer

Scottish Archery

Glenearn Secretarial 
Edinburgh Road
East Lothian
EH32 0HQ


If you are an affiliated club and want to be part of the mentoring and deployment part of the programme please complete the Development Ambassador Club Application form and return to Laura Baxter on the above details by 22 October 2018.


Information for Individuals and Clubs

Club Application Form

Application Form

Learning and Development Programme

Programme Strategy



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