COO Update

Good evening everyone


I want to provide some clarity on our position regarding lockdown restrictions.


Firstly, everyone here on Scottish Archery staff and board team hopes you and your loved ones are safe, well and healthy as the status quo on restrictions continues here in Scotland. For those keyworkers and those families of keyworkers we extend our warmest thanks for all your efforts.


Whilst other UK nations may make decisions to ease what we call “lockdown restrictions” over the next few days, here at Scottish Archery we take our lead from the Scottish Government position which is to retain the status quo for the next 3 weeks or until any announcement is made detailing what any easing of restrictions looks like.


As per the First Minister’s statement earlier on Friday May 8th, the status quo – difficult as it is – will remain in place in Scotland. There has already been minor alterations to restrictions announced in Wales and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will detail the position within England on Sunday.


The differing approaches across devolved governments may seem confusing, but in terms of the sport of Archery it means we don’t conduct any activity in Scotland until advised otherwise except of course conducting one period of exercise per day on your own or with those people whom you share a household.


We know that Archery may be able to offer a more secure return to activity as physical distancing may be slightly easier to enforce given the style of our sport when viewed alongside team sports such as football or rugby. Rest assured we continue to work closely with sportscotland and 51 other governing bodies aiming towards a collective “restart” of sport which is still some time away.


On a lighter note, we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the alternative workouts and fun sessions clubs and members have been sharing with us – please do keep them up and if appropriate please tag us in the posts so we can share wider. The Scottish Archery podcast “The Nocking Point” has now broadcast 2 full episodes and 2 shorter “Minisodes” and we hope you have been able to listen and enjoy the podcast. Please follow on twitter @TheNockingPoint and email any suggestions to Podcast@scottisharchery.org.uk


Once again, as far as getting back shooting goes we will take our guidance from the Scottish Government position as and when it changes. When it happens we will of course share the updates. If other UK Nations offer a differing approach I understand different messages may be frustrating, but the Scottish Government position will guide our future actions.


Thank you for sticking with us and with each other -  and on this day of days rest assured, “we’ll meet again”.





Vincent Bryson




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