Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Workshops

From 1 April 2019 the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop will be replaced by the Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Workshop.  For those who are already booked onto a course this will be a seamless transfer.


The new Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Workshop takes a blended learning approach with an on-line Module having to be completed ahead of the 3 hour face-to-face scenario based learning.   A full list of courses is available via the sportscotland website:


We would recommend that all Clubs ensure that  those working with juniors have attended a course.   It is a requirement for Coaches to attend these course.  If any club would like further information, or information on the PVG process please contact child.protection@scottisharchery.org.uk


 Further information on Child Welfare can be found on our Safeguarding pages.


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