Chief Operating Officer Recruitment

As you will know, Scottish Archery has been working hard to develop a four year strategy to grow archery in Scotland and establish it as the most fun, inclusive and high performing individual sport in the country.

We will be publishing our strategy very soon, which will give you more detail about our plans and the exciting vision we have for the future.

One key requirement for delivering the strategy will be the employment of Scottish Archery’s first ever Chief Operating Officer. This is really exciting and will fundamentally transform our organisation.   This role is so vital to our future strategy delivery and our growth that we have decided to go ahead and recruit for this role with immediate effect.

The Chief Operating Officer will work on a part time basis and this post will be funded by income raised by Scottish Archery and from our reserves. The job description, advert and specification are available here, please advertise it to anyone who you think might be interested in applying and watch out for further details of our strategy coming soon.



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