Archery GB Competitions Update

Special thanks to Fiona and Curtis Hirst who attended the recent Archery GB competitions webinar. Here are some of the highlights made specific to Scotland to keep all clubs and members in the loop.


Outdoor 2021

We are hopeful that there will be some competitive archery in 2021, this will however depend on the guidance and any restrictions that are in place at that time.

For clubs looking to plan events, there are already competition guidelines within the current Scottish Archery guidance document. This can be used as a rough framework and being adaptable will always be key. If the competition can be run in several different ways then it would be advantageous to have these all worked out. With the numbers on the range at any one time it could be that competitions need to be split into separate groups potentially over 2 days.

Clubs should look to consider the size of their venue, number of targets that can be placed (currently at 4m apart), number of potential archers that can be accommodated (currently 2 per boss), any travel restrictions that may prevent archers from specific areas attending, access points to the venue, one way system in place, not passing score cards back and forth (can archers fill them in and text a photo of it to the TO?), know where common touch points are so sanitizer can be provided (compound archers could take their faces with them during H2H), archers could also be asked to provide their own target pins.

All events should have a specific risk assessment carried out to cover all the variables involved. Currently there should be no more than 30 people present on the range at any one time. There must also be a named COVID Officer over seeing the event, ideally someone who has completed the sportscotland online training module.

It may well be the case that with all these variables being considered the cost of running the competition increases significantly. Please be honest with those entering, people realise that it is harder to put on an event so fees may have to go up.


Record Status Application Process:

From now on, any events being registered for UKRS or WRS MUST be applied for on Sport80. There are two options for you:

  1. If you wish to use the online entry system provided on sport80 you can do so.
  2. You can also now apply for the event on sport80 and not use the online entry system. Entry forms would go on the Scottish Archery website as before.

Should you wish to have a non-record status shoot, you can also now put that on sport 80 with the same idea as above (this would be what you would do if you wanted to run a Scottish record Status Shoot).

It looks easy to apply and ArcheryGB are encouraging people to trial it by doing test events which you can immediately delete afterwards.

To access this facility on Sport80 Tournament organisers should ask their club/county secretary for access.

We would ask that all competitions still appear on the Scottish Archery calendar, so even if you are using the online entry through sport80, please still send details of the event to Scottish Archery so we can include it on the calendar.



If your event offers either WA stars, AGB roses etc.… AGB are more than happy to send the Tournament Organiser badges in advance so they can be given out after the shoot as long as the paper work is still done and sent in.


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