2017 Scottish Outdoor Rankings

The final rankings for the 2017 Outdoor Target season have now been collated, congratulations to all who competed.


Our Scottish No.1 Archers are:


Gents Recurve: Stuart Barby

Ladies Recurve: Johanna Meyer

Gents Compound: Harrison Ooi

Ladies Compound: Sarah Prieels

Gents longbow: Greg Jasper

Ladies Longbow: Sandie Graham

Gents Barebow: Craig McEwan

Ladies Barebow: Carol-Anne Seez


Junior Boy Recurve U18: Joe Seez

Junior Girl Recurve U18: Heather Hughes

Junior Boy Compound U18: Matthew Wong

Junior Girl Compound U18: Robyn Geddes


The full rankings have been published on our Records & Rankings page.


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