Archery in Scotland is formed of clubs and Areas, with each playing its part in the development of archers.  

Clubs provide beginners with courses, and many run their own competitions.  The Areas also run Championships and provide routes for progression in archery through coaching workshops and squads.

Scottish Archery is striving to make archery accessible to everyone to the greatest extent possible.  Our role as the governing body for archery in Scotland is to increase participation, develop the sport, provide performance pathways and opportunities for archers, and to sustain good governance.  We are supported by a number of partners including sportscotland, the Scottish Sports Association, Scottish Disability Sport and Archery GB.

Membership Information

Benefits of Scottish Archery Membership

  • Access to a network of clubs throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK
  • Access to a full competition calendar of Scottish and UK-wide competitions and events including Scottish Championships and Inter-Team events and British Championships
  • Insurance cover while taking part in all forms of archery in the UK regulated by Archery GB
  • Progression as an archer – we provide a pathway from club level to Scottish Junior Academy and Senior Squad level training right up to Archery GB performance
  • Scottish Archery is registered with Disclosure Scotland to give our members access to the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme to help safeguard our children and young people
  • Scottish Archery is fully committed to the principle of equality of opportunity
  • Recognition of achievement – we keep a list of our Scottish National Records and have a range of Scottish Award badges.  You also have access to British records and awards and those of World Archery
  • Volunteer opportunities in coaching and judging with training to UK and International standard available within Scotland
  • Scottish Archery work with sportscotland and the resources and funding it provides to develop archery in Scotland and to support our clubs and volunteers
  • Scottish Archery will communicate with you – we have a monthly newsletter you can sign up to receive and we also have a website with lots of news and information.  You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Media coverage via the website and press releases on our competing Scots

How do I join and what are the fees?

Club Associate Membership

To join Scottish Archery you will normally pay a Club Associate membership fee through your club.  The membership fee includes a subscription to Scottish Archery and also a subscription to Archery GB – the UK governing body – as well as a small fee to the Area your club is located in.


Summary of Club Affiliation Fees  - for 2021/2022

Once you are a member you club will request renewa l of fees each August in order for payments to be processed and Archery GB cards issued by the start of the new membership year.  Cards are issued to each member at their home address so please keep your club secretary up to date with your contact details.

Direct Membership

You can join as a Direct Member of  Archery GB and also Scottish Archery, you will also be expected to pay the relevant Scottish Area fee. You should check with the club you wish to shoot with whether they can let you join as they may only be open to members who affiliated through the Club and so they may request you shoot with them as a visitor.  

Direct membership is more expensive as you will be mailed an invitation to the Archery GB AGM and have Elector status which means you can attend the AGM in your own right, vote on a show of hands or send in your own vote and/or appoint your own proxy.  In Scottish Archery everyone has a vote and this is normally exercised through your Club but you also have the right to send your votes on an individual form and any member can attend the SAA AGM.

Direct Member Application Form

Hardship Fee Reduction Scheme


Membership Year

The Membership Year currently runs from 01 October to 30 September.

Those joining from 01 April will pay 50% of the fees.

Clubs will normally have the same membership year as the governing bodies.  Many clubs go indoors from the beginning of October so it marks the start of another year in archery.

Club Fees

Club membership fees vary depending on a particular club’s running expenses, so can be from less than £100 a year up to around £250-£300 to be able to attend your club for at least two sessions a week.

Some clubs have a modest annual joining fee and you then pay an additional “target fee” when you turn up and shoot.  Others roll the costs all together and you pay that either once a year or at intervals throughout the year.

Data Privacy

The SAA is fully committed to compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”), which came into force on the 1st March 2000. The SAA will therefore follow procedures that aim to ensure that all Employees, Directors or other Members, who have access to any personal data held by or on behalf of the SAA, are fully aware of and abide by their duties and responsibilities under the Act.

Information Security Policy

Members Discounts

Cotswold Outdoors - Archery GB members can receive a 15% discount from Cotswold Outdoors.  Once you are a member you can login to the portal on the Archery GB website. On the Discount tab you will find all the information you need including your unique code.

Volvo Affinity - Archery GB  Members benefit from exclusive offers across the Volvo range, whether you purchase your new car outright or take a finance plan

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Scottish Archery

When you become a member you agree to be bound by our Articles of Association and all the Rules of the Company.

Policies and Procedures

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Archery GB

Members of Archery GB are expected to comply with Rules of Shooting

and Codes of Conduct


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