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You can go to your local club for a great intro to archery.  You can take part in a taster "have a go" or you can plunge right in and do a full beginners' course.  These courses will be run and supervised by experienced archers and coaches.

You will learn to hit a target with relative accuracy using a simple bow and will understand and be able to follow the safety rules.

Like any sport, it’s better to learn a good technique from the very beginning and many clubs expect you to have done a dedicated course before you join.  During the course you will receive dedicated instruction and attention to ensure a better learning environment for you. 

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I'm a beginner - how do I join a club?

Use the club finder to find a club in a location convenient to you and contact them via the details provided.

They will be able to tell you when they are next running a course or give you some alternative channels for getting the necessary introduction.

Some questions you may have as a prospective archer

Q. How fit do I need to be?

A. Archery is a very inclusive sport, allowing all physical shapes and sizes to take part and all fitness levels.  While moderate fitness levels are no bar to achievement and enjoyment of the sport, those seeking high performance undertake comprehensive core fitness and weight training programmes.

Q. What kit do I need?

A. Nothing!  If you complete a beginners’ course, all equipment will be provided for those sessions.  Most clubs use simple takedown bows for teaching.

Once you have decided to continue then you can choose to shoot whatever bow type you like.  The club may lend you equipment until you have been shooting for long enough to know what equipment you need.

Archery equipment is specifically tailored to the individual and varies depending on your physical strength, height, arm length and even face shape so it is best to get advice from a coach before purchasing anything.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Wear comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely but isn’t baggy around the upper body.  You must wear closed toe shoes that you can stand with good posture in. 

Q. How safe is archery?

A. Bows are weapons so must be handled correctly and with respect.  If you follow the coach’s instructions and follow the safety rules, archery is a perfectly safe sport.  All clubs and members must adhere to all the safety rules.

Q. What insurance is there?

A. Beginners have cover for up to six lessons on a course run by a club that is a member of Scottish Archery and Archery GB.  Other providers of courses will be covered by their own insurance.

If you then wish to shoot with a club after the course you will need to join up.  Your membership will provide you with insurance cover for all recognised archery activities.

Q. How expensive is archery?

A. As with most sports, you can spend a little or a lot depending on how involved you want to get.  Kit is the most expensive outlay with bows ranging from a few hundred to around a thousand pounds.  Competitions are quite reasonable costing around £10 to enter for an indoor session or a one day event.  Club fees and affiliation costs should also be considered.    

Q. When can I compete?

A. As soon as you have completed your beginners’ course and have access to equipment you can enter competitions.  Competitions are a way to progress in archery and are very sociable.

Your club may run some competitions as club target days - these are a great way to get used to the formats and the arrow scoring  before venturing further afield.  You can read all about club archery - provide link

There are competitions for every level from beginner right up to international. 



My child wants to start archery - can they?

Many clubs have a lower age limit of 8 - 12 years old to start shooting and will expect a responsible adult to accompany a junior archer to the club. 

Some clubs may allow older children to be left at the club for a session but you will be expected to provide the club with your contact details and to turn up on time to collect them at the end of the session. 

There are some specific 'junior clubs' where all members are under 18.  Details of these can be found on our Club Finder Page

I'm not a beginner - how do I join a club?

If you have been on a beginners’ course, you may be able to join straight away.  If you have previous experience of archery a club will want to know that you are competent and safe before they let you join.  They may wish to assess you and/or your archery kit before you join.

If you don't have your own kit then a club should be able to help you get back into the sport as they may have kit you can use at the club.

How do I get archery into my school?

Please contact the Scottish Archery development manager Alan - on

Scottish Archery is working within sportscotland's Active Schools framework to increase the availability of archery in primary and secondary schools in Scotland.

Primary School Archery

We are working to introduce 'Soft Archery' kits to primary schools across the country. 

Soft Archery kits have been created for primary schools to introduce young children to archery in a fun and safe way.

This 'mini' version of archery provides teachers and sports coordinators with child-friendly equipment and resources to get you started quickly and easily.  The equipment and resources provided make it possible to deliver archery in almost any setting in school by staff who have no formal archery experience or qualification.

School Clubs

There are a number of school clubs within Scottish Archery that children can join.  Details of these can be found on our Club Finder Page.

I'm looking to become an Archery Instructor

The Archery GB Instructor Award is the entry level training course for people working in leisure, recreation and educational environments.  The course is focussed on training learners to deliver fun and safe introductory archery sessions.  The official delivery partner for the course is Sport Structures Ltd.

Sport Structures are responsible for all course bookings, organisation and delivery.

All details can be found at

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Progress & Improve

Achievement badges help make developing your archery skills fun and rewarding for you whatever your ambition.

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Club Archery

Clubs provide a variety of options from informal shooting to taking part in a club or locally based leagues and competitions.

Club Archery

a recurve bow

Archery Bow Types

There are several different types of bow that can be shot. Here we tell you a little bit about the main ones.

Archery Bow Types

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Competitions are a great way to improve and to enjoy archery. We have a variety of events to cater for everyone.


Archery for Beginners Guidebook

The Archery GB development team have produced 'The Archery for Beginners Guidebook', which has been designed to guide beginners through their first steps in target archery.  It is beautifully illustrated, easy to follow and packed with basic information on technique, equipment, range safety, scoring and competition.

The book is designed to give beginners a starting point and to accompany them in the early stages - it will help new archers get into good habits from the start.  It has been written for all ages and can be used by clubs as a resource for new members.

It is also packed with useful hints and tips, guidance on etiquette and what to expect as you progress through the sport.

Find the Guide


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