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Competition at all levels is a vital part of any sport and so too are the volunteers who make it happen.  Here we have resources to help you.

To maintain the standard of record status tournaments, each individual tournament organiser must either have had previous experience running a record status event or must be mentored by a person who has this experience.  Additional experience may be considered and dispensation granted, if necessary, by the Target/Field Committee.



Scottish Archery are currently bringing the tournament organiser information and pro-formas up to date. We'll post them on his page as soon as they're ready.


Competition Organisers getting ready for the prizegiving
getting the results sorted - competition organising

Why Be A Competition Organiser?

What does a competition organiser need apart from a willing field party and a sense of humour?

"I enjoy being a Tournament Organiser,  it allows me to put my skills to good use while socialising with other archers. It is rewarding to see the archers who come to our competitions improving, and fantastic to see them enjoying a good competition."

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Archery GB Tournament Resources

Resources for running UK and WRS Tournaments

AGB Tournament Support

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AGB Rules of Shooting

A vital reference for tournament organisers to have at hand - updates are announced in the Archery UK magazine

AGB Rules


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