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Club sport is the backbone of every sport and if clubs are to develop and grow then many skills other than keeping minutes, simple accounting and planning are required and so members who volunteer their skills and experience are very valuable whether that is carpentry skills to build target stands or strategic and management skills to help the club develop.

There is a lot of advice and help available to clubs and also a number of grants available to aid development so here we outline the resources that are available to help you run your club and make it the best it can be. Contact our Club Development Officer for more info

Saoirse Devaney pins the flag on a 40m clout. 50m is about the furthest her bow will shoot.

Scottish Archery Resources for Clubs

Membership Forms

Form for Club Affiliations 2021/2022  (including Half Year Fees)- payment of Scottish Archery and Area fees - excel workbook


Direct Member Application Form - in Word - and in PDF

Scottish Archery Hardship Fee Reduction Scheme 


Return to Shooting Advice

Scottish Archery's Coaching Committee - Return to Shooting Advice following COVID 19 

Funding Resources for Clubs

Information on sportscotland's main funding programmes and other sources of funding for organisations involved in Scottish sport:

  • Awards for All Scotland – administered by the Big Lottery Fund in partnership with sportscotland – an easy way for smaller organisations to get small amounts of funding
  • Sport Facilities Fund – for larger projects by local authorities, clubs and trusts and covering the provision or upgrading of all facilities for the general community
  • UKCC subsidy for coaches – currently available for our Level 1 & 2 courses link to SAA info

A full list of funding opportunities can be found on sportscotland's website

Funding Resources



Fundraising Co-ordinator Role Description


Scottish Archery Grant Funding Admin Template


Scottish Archery Grant Funding Checklist


Scottish Archery Funding Year Planning Template


Scottish Archery Project Template

Check out this video for more information -     


For further information please contact Scottish Archery's Club Development Officer, Bill Hogg -


Funding Resources for Clubs
Safeguarding in Sport supported by Children 1st

Safeguarding for Clubs

Scottish Archery is fully committed to the safety and well-being of children and young people taking part in archery.

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Help for Clubs

A sportscotland web resource that aims to connect clubs with the information they need.

Help for Clubs

Falkirk Company of Archers - an ontarget club

Falkirk go ontarget

Falkirk Company of Archers has been a member of the Archery GB ontarget programme since it started about 5 years ago and was awarded Community Specialism Club status. Recently they successfully retained this status after completing a regular self assessment.

As part of the programme there are also two other specialisms - Young People and Performance. The Young People specialism is aimed at clubs that want to develop participation of young people, while Performance specialism is designed for clubs that want to get the best out of all their archers and coaches.

The club decided to apply for these other two specialisms and following an assessment process they have been successful and the club now holds all three specialisms. They believe they are the first club in Scotland to hold all three specialisms. Their Club Secretary says :

"Being a member of this scheme provides the club with good opportunities, resources and assistance from Archery GB in terms of development. It shows that the club is proactive which is often recognised on funding applications. I would recommend any club to apply."

Archery GB ontarget

ontarget is Archery GB's club development program, with rewards and benefits, which helps clubs become strong and healthy.


 Archery GB ontarget

Archery GB Handy Guides

Archery GB has a number of Handy Guides to setting up, running and developing  archery clubs and setting up an archery range.

Guides for Clubs

Archery GB logo - Handy Guides


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