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Coaching is essential to help archers develop, enjoy taking part and stay in the sport.  To get started in coaching all you need to be is enthusiastic about archery and the progression of others.

Archery GB offers a range of training courses aligned to the UKCC framework and Scottish Archery has a dedicated team of coaches, tutors and assessors delivering those courses regularly within Scotland  for the leisure, educational and recreational sector there are approved providers delivering the training that you need to deliver safe and rewarding sessions for your clients and students.

Who to contact if you're interested in training as a coach

If you have any questions relating to coaching that aren't answered in our FAQs section or are interested in becoming a coach then please contact Moira Taylor – Director of Coaching; Email: – for more information or to register your interest.

Coaching Conference 2019

Why Be A Coach?

Coaching is a great way to express your passion for a sport and be actively involved instead of standing on the sidelines.  It is not only exciting and self-satisfying but you can have a positive influence on people’s lifelong involvement in sport.  It will also help to keep you active both mentally and physically.  Experienced coach Moira Taylor agrees:

"I have been a coach for more years than I care to admit and I am still as passionate today about my coaching as I was when I started.  Being a Coach enables me to pass on my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for my sport to other archers however coaching techniques change so it's important that I keep up to date.  Seeing that moment when an archer improves thanks to your intervention is a very rewarding experience."

I teach in a school - is there a teaching archery training course I can do?

An Archery GB Teacher Awards course should be available in 2016 for qualified teachers.

The course will teach you how to lead fun and safe sessions for students.

For using the Archery Learning Kit there is an Arrows Young Leader Award – this course can form part of your school's Sport Leadership Program.

The course is designed for 14-19 year olds and lasts about 3.5 hours.  After the course, young leaders are ready to run archery for primary school pupils aged 7-11 and to volunteer in the School Games.

You can visit the Archery GB website to find out more about the courses on offer.

Archery GB Coaching

I work in the leisure and recreation sector - is there a course I can do?

The Archery GB Instructor Award is the entry level training course for people working in leisure, recreation and educational environments.  The course is focussed on training learners to deliver fun and safe introductory archery sessions.

To find a course or to find out more, please visit the Instructor Award page of the Archery GB website.

Instructor Award


Phone: 0845 241 7195

I'm a club archer who wants to get into coaching - what is the pathway?

If you are helping out at a club or group, assisting a coach, you do not need any formal qualification to get started.

However, a Level 1, sport-specific qualification is advisable and once you have this you can move on to the other Levels.  There are Levels 2-4 that are aligned to the UKCC framework.  These are courses which have been developed by Archery GB coaches.  The next levels are County Coach and Senior Coach – these have still be to aligned to the UKCC levels.

The UKCC is the course development arm of UK Coaching (formerly  Sports Coach UK) that supports the development, endorsement and continuous improvement of sport's governing bodies coach-education programmes.


What do the coach training courses cost to do - are there any grants?

Scottish Archery members may be eligible on application for a SportScotland subsidy for the Level 1 and Level 2 courses. This will only be payable on successful completion of the course

UKCC subsidy for coaches

Clubs also have access to development grants from Sport For All that can include an element to cover the cost of training coaches.

Awards For All

How long do the coach training courses take to do and where are they held?

Level 1 – 3.5 days attendance at training with additional mentored practical work in your own or another club working with beginner archers followed by a full 1 day assessment after 3 months.

Level 2 – 6 days attendance at training with additional mentored practical work in your own or another club working with intermediate archers followed by a full 1 day assessment after 6 months.

The Level 3 and Level 4 courses are under development from the old County Coach and Senior Coach levels – this is being led by the performance unit of Archery GB and contributed to by several Scottish Senior coaches.

You can visit the Archery GB website to find out more about the courses on offer.

Available Courses

What about safeguarding - will I need a PVG?

Yes, you will need to be a member of the PVG Scheme in Scotland. The forms will be organised for you when you register to take up coaching.

If you are not a coach but help with children and young people regularly at your club you will also be expected to register as your club has a responsibility for safeguaring its junior members.

Scottish Archery Child Protection Policy

How do I maintain and develop my coaching skills?

Once you have your Level 1 you can gain extra experience by working with a higher level coach and there are also UKCC and Scottish Archery coach workshops you can attend.  You are expected to show you are an active coach and willing to grow your knowledge before you sign up for the Level 2 course.

Once at Level 2 you are assessed every three years and expected to show you are at least maintaining or growing through a process of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  You get points for CPD that count towards the number required for coach renewal.

Level 1 coaches only need CPD points if they wish to progress to Level 2.

For an informal discussion about your coaching needs contact the Director of Coaching at Email:

Where can I find more information?

Here are some links to some more websites with coaching information.

World Archery Coaching Resources

Archery GB Coaching Videos

Archery GB Coaching Resources

UK Coaching


My Coach Licence is due for renewal – how do I renew it?

 Your Coach licence is due for renewal every 3 years and the renewal date is detailed on your Archery GB affiliation card. It is your responsibility as a Coach to renew your licence.

Coach Licence renewal forms can be found under ‘Coach Resources’ at the foot of this page or on the AGB website. Ideally you should complete the renewal forms a couple of months prior to your renewal date to allow for your application to be considered by the Renewal Panel and then be sent to Archery GB. For all Levels of Coach renewal you must be able to provide a certificate of completion of a child protection workshop ideally within 12 months of your renewal date.

During your previous 3 years as a Coach you should have undertaken further training or Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and accumulated the requisite number of CPD points for your level of Coach. (Level 1 Coaches do not require to have undertaken CPD unless they intend to progress to Level 2).  There is a matrix under ‘Coach Resources’ which gives you information on the number of points awarded depending on the CPD that you do.

Once you have completed your renewal forms they should be forwarded by email to the Director of Coaching ( and they will go before the Renewal Panel for consideration. If you require any assistance with your renewal please contact the Director of Coaching.


Guidance Coach Renewal Document

Available Grants

SAA members may be eligible on application for a SportScotland subsidy for the Level 1 and Level 2 courses. This will only be payable on successful completion of the course.


Members can also check to see whether their local council provide small grants and clubs also have access to development grants from Sport For All that can include an element to cover the cost of training coaches.

David is a Coach Keen to Learn More

"I have been in archery for about thirty-five years and enjoy working with beginners and helping them learn to shoot.  It's nice to see people gain confidence as they improve their technique and start to hit the gold.  I decided to do the Level 1 coaching course so that I could ensure all beginners were taught to the same standards and rules.

It was a conversation with Peter Lennon – one of the Scottish Coaching Organisers – that got me thinking about doing the Level 2 course.  Peter was enthusiastic about people improving their skills and moving to the next level.  I was a bit reluctant to consider it at first as I'm not keen on paperwork, but eventually decided to sign up.  Part of the reason I signed up was that, due to injuries, I don't get to shoot as often or as much as I would like.  This left me time to offer help and advice to the other archers who were shooting and I felt that, by going to the next level of coaching, I would improve my skills and knowledge and be better able to help them.

I enjoyed the Level 2 course and learned a lot.  I have always specialised in compound bows which I love shooting.  Among other things, the course allowed me to improve my knowledge about recurve bows and their set up, as well as learning more about improving shooting techniques through good posture.

The next level is county coach.  In the next few weeks I will be investigating what this course entails by talking to someone who is currently doing one.  I'm making no promises about doing the course but – watch this space..."

Safeguarding in Sport supported by Children 1st


Scottish Archery is fully committed to the safety and well-being of children and young people taking part in archery.

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coach resources from Archery GB

Coach Resources

Resources for coaches are available on the Archery GB website; 

Coaches, Judges & Volunteers

Coach Renewal Guide  Download

Archery GB National Coaching Committee Coach License Renewal System Continuous Professional Development Matrix   Download

Coach License Renewal Form Level 1 Coach    Download

Coach License Renewal Form Level 1 Coach  - Scotland - Word Version Coach License Renewal Form Level 2, County and Senior Coaches   Download

Coach License Renewal Form Level 2 Coach - Scotland - Word Version  Guide to the Coach License Renewal Process for Renewal Panel    Download

Guidance Coach Renewal - Updated July 2020  Download


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