Structure and People

Our strength lies in our membership who volunteer to run our sport at all levels.  Most of the work is done in our clubs where volunteers  welcome new members and ensure their clubs have a sustainable future.

Our three Areas - East, North and West - are the equivalent of the County sporting structure in England. They administer at a level between club and Home Nation and provide opportunities for competing at Area level within Scotland and against the other Home Nations and English Counties.

Scottish Archery  provides a broad base of services  for its members and clubs across Scotland to help develop the sport including  nurturing our volunteers in the clubs and those that deliver events  as well as our judges and coaches.

graphical depiction of our structure


The Board currently has nine directors including an independent Chair and three directors from outside archery.  Our board can vary between 4 to 9 directors.  Each director is responsible for overseeing an area of the sport in relation to the strategic plan.  The Board meets every other month and alternates meetings between face to face and conference calls.

Download an Organogram of our Board and Committee Structure - July 2021

The Board encourage communication from its members and publishes the agenda and minutes of its meetings.  You can contact the board through our administrator, Jacqui Dunlop – Email:

Board of Directors


The chair, as well as chairing the board meetings, is responsible for liaising with sportscotland, Archery GB, the Scottish Sports Association, Scottish Disability Sport and other relevant bodies.

Jennifer Griffin

Email: –

Director of Finance

Responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, liaising with the external accounts inspector and meeting statutory financial reporting obligations including reporting a summary of the annual accounts to the membership at the AGM.  Looks after the paid administrator.

Craig Lindsey

Email: –


Independent Director for development

The board identified several areas where it was in particular need of expert advice to help meet its governance audit standards.  This particular appointment brings expertise in risk assessment.

Lyndsay Noon

Email: –


Director of EQUALITY

 Alison Ross


Director of athlete progression

Responsible for archer development and pathways.  Works with the team managers, squad co-ordinators and the high performance coaches.

Pip Tucknott

Email: –

Director of marketing

Responsible for communications including but not only the e-newsletter, the website and working with the media.

Jules May

Email: –


Independent Board Member

 Shabaz Khan


 Director for Safeguarding

Ross Morrison

Email: – 





Child Protection Officer

Child Protection Officer

Responsible for ensuring child protection legislation is complied and the policies and procedures are kept in line with legislation and best practice.


Email: –

Phone: 01875 811344

Discipline and Complaints

Discipline and Complaints Officer

Is responsible for ensuring complaints to Scottish Archery are processed properly and according to the policies and procedures in place.

Michael Mather

Email: –


We have a full time Pathways Manager and part time Chief Executive Officer, Administrator and Club Development Officer.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive OFFICER

Reporting to the Chair, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has overall strategic and operational responsibility for all Scottish Archery programs. They provide leadership to the Scottish Archery strategic planning process and will implement new strategic initiatives. In addition, the CEO will:

Provide coordination for the Scottish Archery senior staff;

Serve as liaison to Scottish Archery’s strategic partners;

Ensure Scottish Archery’s Board of Directors are aware of programme strategies and challenges. The CEO partners with the Board and senior staff and is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the operational aspects of the annual budget.

Finally, the CEO cultivates existing relationships with sportscotland and other potential funders.

Vincent Bryson

Email: –


Administration and Enquiries


First point of contact for enquiries.  Provides administrative services to Scottish Archery on a part-time basis.

Responsible for maintaining official documents on the website and  keeping the events calendar up to date.

Jacqui Dunlop

Email: –

Pathways Manager

Pathways Manager

The Pathways Manager will look at the performance pathway for Archers all the way from Soft Archery to National Squad and beyond.  He will also work closely with our Director of Coaching to make sure our coaches are able to develop within their chosen environments.  Overall we want our members to have the opportunities to progress and for those opportunities to be open and visible to all.

Alan Martin

Email: –


Club Development Officer

Club Development Officer

Reporting to the Pathway Manager, the key responsibilities of the Club Development Officer are

To assist clubs to grow their memberships in partnership with Local Authority Sports Development teams, Active Schools and other local organisations

To support identified clubs with club development endeavours

To develop the Soft Archery programme in partnership with local authorities and the Archery community

To develop relationships with Clubs and Area committees to ensure sustainable links are developed



Board Groups

There are a number of board groups, each working with a director to deliver and improve services in their remit.

Governance Committee

Equality Officer

Michael Mather

Email: –


Operations Group

Judge Liaison Officer

Jules May

Scores Collator for Rankings

Records Officer

Jacqui Dunlop

Email: –

Tournament Organiser Group

Made up of a volunteer from each of the three areas and working under the Tournament Organiser Chair.



Phyllis Pettett


Eastern Area Representative

Lance Hawker


Northern Area Representative

Andrew Kelly


Western Area Representative

Ged Laing


Email: –

Coaching Committee

Moira Taylor (Chair -

Andrew Kelly

Richard Vallis

Paul Ross

Caroline Harrison

Tony Laduss


Performance Group

Working with the Director of Coaching to deliver a pathway and a high class development experience for our elite athletes.

Senior Team Manager

Claudine Jennings

Email: –

Junior Team Manager

Murray Elliot

Communications Group

Working under the Director of Communications to deliver first class communication and services.  As well as those listed below, there are several Twitter and Facebook volunteers.

Media Communications

Jacqui Dunlop

Website Development and Editing


Our Three Areas

There are three Areas in Scotland, East, North and West. They administer at a level between club and Home Nation and provide opportunities for competing at Area level including running Area Championships and selecting teams for the Pentangle event between East, North, West, Cumbria & DNAA and for the National Inter-counties Team Championships organised by Archery GB each year.  Areas can also organise and run workshops and other development events.

Below we have the committee and business - for their activities the Areas have a page they share.

Area Activity

Eastern Area Committee

President – Mr Mike Brockington  Contact Email :

Vice Pres. – vacant

Secretary – Mrs Adelle Fleming

Treasurer – Ms Phyllis Pettett

Ordinary Member – Mr Pip Tucknott, Mr Gareth Fleming



Northern Area Committee

President – Fiona Hirst -
Vice Pres. – Josh Mitchell
Secretary – Colin Casey
Treasurer – Emily Blake


Western Area Committee

Iain Macmillan - Chair

Graeme Boyd - Vice Chair

Secretary - shared (Richard Radigan and Maree Shields)

Treasurer - Alistair Coutts


Ordinary Members - Alistair Shields, David Gillon, Craig Paterson and Peter Lopez. 






strategic Partners